MCCCD is required to spend its resources only for things that tangibly and directly benefit its educational mission and objectives. Some expenses by their nature aren't appropriate. Others require an explanation to meet that requirement.

Examples of expenses that may be official functions are employee retreats and conference banquet or hotel contracts.

The term "official function" means an activity or item that:

A. Does not appear to be, without explanation, an ordinary and necessary function of MCCCD as a public educational institution.

B. Provides a tangible benefit and links directly to MCCCD's educational mission.

C. Is reasonable and commensurate in value to the tangible benefit that MCCCD will receive.

Examples of expenses that don't meet any of the criterion for the definition of "official function" are:

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Charitable contributions or donations (except for student groups, see Administrative Regulation)
  • Dues for memberships in non-school related civic or community organizations (such as Rotary, Kiwanis) or in discount stores
  • Gifts and decorations of any type for personal life events (such as births, deaths, weddings, funerals) including flowers
  • Gifts for personal use (such as apparel, jewelry, flowers or luggage) in appreciation of an MCCCD employee or officer

Official Function Need To Knows:

  • Form must be signed by President or Vice President
  • Forms for a meeting or interview must have agenda and/or interview schedule attached
  • Fiscal Services does not keep Official Function Forms on file
  • Form must be received by Fiscal Services prior to issuing purchase orders for Official Functions.

Administrative Regulation on Official Functions

Instructions for Completing the Official Function Form

Official Function Form - MS Word (download)

Official Function Form - Adobe Acrobat (download)

Instructions for Completing Membership Payment Worksheet

Membership Payment Worksheet - MS Word (download)

Membership Payment Worksheet - Adobe Acrobat (download)