FMS Guides:

To approve an invoice in FMS:

Per District Policy and MCCCD Purchase Orders ALL INVOICES must be mailed to:

Maricopa Community Colleges
Attn: Accounts Payable
2411 W. 14th Street
Tempe, Arizona - 85281

or Emailed to Accounts Payable (A/P),

District A/P Tech: Cheryl Shaffer, - P (480) 731-8374, F (480) 731-8608

An original invoice from the supplier is required for purchases, services, etc. The invoice must have the supplier name, detail of items purchased or services received and must include the MCCCD Purchase Order number (PO #123654). When placing orders or requesting services, provide the PO# to the supplier and request that the PO# be listed on the packing slip and invoice.

Verify the supplier has the Ship-To as MCC's address and the Bill-To as the MCCCD Accounts Payable address. If you receive an invoice at the MCC address, please contact the Supplier and have them change the Bill-To address to the MCCCD Accounts Payable address listed above.

Things to Know About Invoices

  • Original Invoices must be sent directly to MCCCD Accounts Payable (US mail or email).
  • District A/P will not accept faxed invoices.
  • All invoices are approved by the Requisitioner via the FMS Workflow process.
  • The Requestor/Requisitioner will receive an email when they have an invoice to review and approve the received invoice/voucher.
  • All invoices must be approved within 7 days of the 1st FMS Workflow Mailer Notification.
  • Any original invoices received at campus should be forwarded to with the current PO#.
  • District A/P cannot pay an invoice that does not match the PO lines.

Invoice Procedures

  1. Invoice sent to MCCCD Accounts Payable (A/P) from Supplier.
  2. A/P Tech enters the invoice into FMS and matches it against the PO indicated on the invoice.
    1. If the PO number is incorrect or not listed, it will be sent to Fiscal Services for research.
  3. The Requestor/Requisitioner receives an email when they have an invoice needing their review and approval.
    1. The Requestor/Requisitioner is responsible for managing their FMS Workflow and ensuring invoices/vouchers are approved within 7 days of the 1st FMS notification.
  4. Requestor/Requisitioner approves the invoice by clicking the Approve button.
  5. A/P Tech pays the invoices and check/funds are sent to the Supplier.

*For further assistance concerning invoices/vouchers, contact:

Fiscal Services

If a match exception has occurred, refer to the Match Exception Definitions.