Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM)

All contracts, agreements, terms and conditions, license agreements, online terms and conditions, end-user agreements, or MCCCD legal templates will be reviewed and processed by MCC Fiscal Services. MCC Fiscal Services will serve as the liaison between the college and the District Office of General Counsel. If your contract/agreement is related to software or online license agreements, please work with CTS first and CTS will coordinate with Fiscal. Please do not send any contract/agreements directly to the District Office of General Counsel, the MCC President, or the MCC Vice President of Administrative Services.

Reminder: MCC employees DO NOT have the authority to sign contracts or accept terms and conditions on behalf of MCC or MCCCD. The term "contracts" includes a wide range of things. It encompasses documents that are called something else, like agreements, memorandum of understanding, licenses, leases, rentals, sales of used property, purchases, intergovernmental agreements, grants, educational services agreements, and donations. It also includes proposals the District submits to get contracts and online agreements, terms of use or end-user agreements, or any web page that requires the employee to click I agree, I accept, etc.

Access: If you are interested in using CLM and would like training, please reach out to the Fiscal Office.

To submit contracts, agreements, terms and conditions, license agreements, online terms and conditions, end-user agreements, or MCCCD legal templates:

  1. Verify there is funding and budget available in the FMS Account Summary Inquiry (ASI) if there is a cost related to the contract
    • To find ASI and verify budget, log in to Employee Learn Center>Resources>Technology Training Materials>FMS>View Budget Invoices (Account Summary Inquiry)
  2. End-User collects Supplier information
  3. Determine if a Maricopa Contract Template or a Supplier contract will be used
  4. Complete Privacy and Security Questionnaire (PSQS)
  5. Request Certificate of Insurance (COI) from the company (if applicable)
  6. Submit the contract to CLM.


Procurement/Purchasing Employee Forms

Competition Waiver Request Fillable Form

Contract Life Management (CLM) Request Template

Contracts for Professional Services

When a Contract for Professional Services form is required (see limits chart below), the instructions for completing the contract can be found on Legal's website.

Listed below is a quick checklist:

  • Has the vendor signed the contract?
  • Is the individual/company set up as a supplier in the FMS system? If not, please have them complete a W9 and complete their profile in the vendor portal system.
  • Has an FMS requisition been created?
    • The requisition must include Contract Number, RFP Number (if applicable), Description of Services, and Payment Schedule.
  • Has the FMS requisition number and department information been entered on the last page of the contract?

Note: Contracts with original signatures are required. Copies are not accepted. The approved Contract for Professional Services is not an authorization for payment. Invoices are required from the vendor upon completion of services for payment.

As per the footnotes in the chart, below is the additional documents that are referenced:Other Contracts:

  • If there are terms and conditions associated with any service that requires an acceptance signature, regardless of the amount, it needs to go through Legal for approval.

  • A requisition should be created by the requesting department to correspond with the contract, including a description of services, dates of service, and contracted cost.

  • Upon approval of the contract by Legal, a PO is established by District Purchasing and mailed to the supplier.