Privacy & Security Review of Contracts: Requester Due Diligence Questionnaire


Effective 04/14/15, MCCCD Legal Services has updated/streamlined the contract approval process in relation to the privacy and security review of all contracts.  There is an additional form, the MCCCD Requester Due Diligence Questionnaire, which is completed by the department.  Based on the answers, you may or may not need to have the vendor complete the MCCCD External Entity Due Diligence Questionnaire (this was previously completed by the department on behalf of the vendor).  If you do, you also need to complete the Risk Assessment Form at the department level.  Due to the complexity of the process, attached below is a Contract Approval Process Workflow for reference.  Also, communication about this topic from Legal is attached.

The questionnaires and Risk Assessment form are located on the Privacy/Security website: (login with MEID & password), right-hand side, under the Security & Privacy Document Library.  Remember to always download the forms due to constant changes/updates being made.

When processing contracts it is important to remember that Legal does not need to approve contracts that do not require an acceptance signature.  Contact your Fiscal Coordinator with any follow-up questions.

Contract Approval Process Workflow_04-20-15.pdf

Streamlined Security and Privacy Review Process_Gloria_04-07-15.pdf

Privacy and Security Review of Contracts_Maggie_04-13-15.pdf

Privacy and Security Review of Contracts_Maggie_04-14-15.pdf


Effective 03/04/15, the MCCCD Office of the General Counsel has updated the contract review process to include an additional form called the Requester Due Diligence Questionnaire. This is due to a review of the privacy and security of all contracts.  The form is located on the privacy/security website: (login with MEID & password), right-hand side, under the Security & Privacy Document Library.  Furthermore, this website includes the existing Risk Assessment Form that is to be included also.

This process change is effective for all contracts needing General Counsel approval [signature] including, but not limited to: Contracts for Professional Services (53210), Software License Contracts (53920 or 54101), and Maintenance Agreement Contracts (53120).  Contracts that do not need to go to Legal [for signature] do not require either form.  This process change is noted in more detail in the below attached PDF email.  Please contact your Fiscal Agent with any follow-up questions.

Privacy and Security Review of Contracts.pdf

Contracts for Professional Services

When a Contract for Professional Services form is required (see limits chart below), the instructions for completing the contract can be found on Legal's website.

Listed below is a quick checklist:

  • Has the vendor signed the contract?
  • Is the individual/company set up as a supplier in the CFS system?  If not, please have them complete a W9.
  • Has a CFS requisition been created?
    • Requisition must include: Contract Number, RFP Number (if applicable), Description of Services, and Payment Schedule.
  • Has the CFS requisition number and department information been entered on the last page of the contract?

Note: Contracts with original signatures are required.  Copies are not accepted.  The approved Contract for Professional Services is not an authorization for payment.  Invoices are required from the vendor upon completion of services for payment.

Effective FY2014/15, the Contracts for Professional Services Limits have increased.  The new limits are shown in the FY2014/15 Contracts for Professional Services Limits chart.

FY15 Contracts for Professional Services

As per the footnotes in the chart, below is the additional documents that are referenced:

Footnote # Referenced Document Name Format
1 Purchasing Procedures Manual, Section 309.3: Contracts for Professional Services PDF
2 Legal Services, Contracts for Professional Services section PDF
2 Legal Services, Instructions for Completing a Contract for Professional Services PDF
2 Legal Services, Contract for Professional Services form Word
2 Legal Services, Contract for Professional Services amendment form Word
3 Purchasing Procedures Manual, Section 303: Competitive Sealed Proposals (RFP Process) PDF

Other Contracts:

  • If there are terms and conditions associated with any service that requires an acceptance signature, regardless of the amount, it needs to go through Legal for approval.

  • A requisition should be created by the requesting department to correspond with the contract, including description of services, dates of service and contracted cost.

  • Upon approval of the contract by Legal, a PO is established by District Purchasing and mailed to the supplier.