The Faculty Senate at MCC is the representative body for Faculty at MCC.

The members of Faculty Senate are continually working to promote better learning conditions for our students. The Faculty Senate is the conduit between frontline faculty and College Administration. In addition to representing Residential Faculty, the Faculty Senate also represents Adjunct Faculty and Students. We have created liaison positions within Faculty Senate for those groups to forward concerns and disseminate information.

The Faculty Senate also works to improve Faculty working conditions. Were it not for the time and energy devoted to improving working conditions in the past, current faculty members might be faced with an entirely different set of circumstances when it comes to wages, benefits, and workplace conditions.

MCC Faculty Senate sends representatives to the district Faculty Executive Council. The Faculty Executive Council is the body that works on District-wide issues of concern to the faculty of Maricopa Community Colleges and is the representative council for Residential Faculty for the District. Faculty representatives from each college attend the FEC meetings twice each month to conduct the business of the membership. Currently, MCC has five representatives to the FEC. At the moment, MCC holds more seats on FEC than any other college. Those five votes can be critically important depending on the issues and the direction the MCC representatives wish to move in.

2021 - 2022 Representatives

Representative Position Phone E-Mail
Liz Csikar* President 480-461-7378
Megan McGuire* Vice President 480-461-7675
Pam Harrison Business Secretary 480-461-7157
Megan Garvy Recording Secretary 480-461-7951
Philip Waclawski Treasurer 480-461-7468
Pam Harrison* Past President 480-461-7157
Zone Senators
Paulette Stevenson Zone 1 480-461-7614
Philip Waclawski Zone 2 480-461-7468
Jodi Richardson-Delgado Zone 3
Vacant Zone 4
Bryce Bond Zone 5 480-461-7642
Gingher Leyendecker Zone 6 480-461-7623
Paul Harasha Zone 7 480-461-7155
Heidi Van Tassell Zone 8 480-461-7008
Sara Sanders Zone 9 480-461-7310
Mark Neeley Zone 10 480-461-7110
Vacant Zone 11
Megan Garvy* Zone 12 480-461-7951
Alex Cheroske* Zone 13 480-643-7303
Senators At-Large
Joe Neglia Southern & Dobson 480-461-7144
Duane Oakes Southern & Dobson 480-461-7214
John Seims Red Mountain 480-654-7768
Senate Liaisons
Andy Baldwin DCA Liaison 480-461-7978
TBD Adjunct Faculty Liaison
TBD Student Government Liaison

* FEC representatives

Zone Clusters

  • Zone 1: English and Humanities
  • Zone 2: Computer Information Systems
  • Zone 3: Philosophy, Religious Studies and Psychology
  • Zone 4: Reading, Music and World Languages
  • Zone 5: Applied Sciences and Technology
  • Zone 6: Art, Speech Communication, and Theatre
  • Zone 7: Social and Cultural Science, & Administration of Justice Studies
  • Zone 8: Physical Science
  • Zone 9: Life Science
  • Zone 10: Mathematics and CSC
  • Zone 11: Nursing, Education Studies, Exercise Science & Business
  • Zone 12: Library, Counseling, CTL and Service Learning, Fire Science, EMT
  • Zone 13: (Red Mountain) All Departments, Library, Counseling, CTL and Service Learning
  • At-Large Senator: Southern and Dobson Campus
    (represents all MCC faculty)
  • At-Large Senator: Southern and Dobson Campus
    (represents all MCC faculty)
  • At-Large Senator: Red Mountain Campus
    (represents all MCC faculty)