Contact Faculty Senate

Robert Soza, President

Southern & Dobson

Building: MC 5 Office 2
P: 480-461-7607 

The purposes of the Mesa Community College Faculty Senate shall be to:

  • serve as the exclusive representative of the Mesa Community College faculty to the college administration in academic and professional matters and policy development;
  • advise the College President on matters of importance to the college and faculty; promote communication, collaboration, and education among the faculty and between the faculty and other groups;
  • maintain and promote the standards and ideals of the profession;
  • serve as the voice of the faculty in shared governance;
  • protect and preserve academic freedom;
  • provide an open forum for the free discussion of academic and professional issues.
  • Download Constitution here - updated 2013
  • Download By-Laws here - updated 2013

Faculty Senate meetings are held on the First and Third Thursdays of the month, from 3-5 PM in the CTL Conference Room (unless otherwise noted).

The Fall 2014 Senate meetings dates were:

  • August 21 (Week of Accountability)
  • September 4 - Guest: VPAA
  • September 18
  • October 2 (held at Red Mountain DW 131) - Guest: Provost / FEC Leadership
  • October 16 - Guest: Dr. Pan
  • November 6 - Guest: VPAS
  • November 20
  • December 4
  • December 18

The Spring 2015 Senate meeting dates are:

  • January 15 (Week of Accountability)
  • February 5 - VPAA
  • February 19 - Dr. Pan
  • March 5 - VPAS
  • April 2 (Red Mountain DW 131) - Guest: Provost
  • April 16
  • May 7

Other notable dates:

  • Faculty Executive Council meets on the Second and Fourth Tuesdays of the month.
  • MCCD Governing Board meetings are held on the Second and Fourth Tuesdays of the month.
  • August 15-25: ALL Faculty submit issues through online survey (Week of Accountability)
  • August 25 - September 5: Senate Prioritization of college issues (MCC prioritizes MCC's issues)
  • September 9: FEC Prioritization of issues from all 10 colleges into "faculty issues"
  • September 12: Faculty M&C Team meets to strategize how best to advance priority issues
  • September 15: M&C Team exchange and discuss faculty and administration issues
  • September 16-24: ALL Faculty provide feedback on faculty/administration issues via online survey
  • September 29: M&C Team prioritizes faculty and administration issues
  • October 14: To be eligible for all Faculty Association benefits, a faculty member must sign up by this date.
  • September to March: Faculty and Administration M&C Teams negotiate the issues
  • April to May: Forums and ratification (voting on ratification is reserved for Faculty Association members only)