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25Live Scheduling Quick Reference

Need to schedule an event? Follow this quick reference guide for detailed instructions on how to use 25Live and schedule an event.

25Live Quick Reference (PDF)2021-2022 Event Guidelines & COVID-19 Event Protocols

Remember your request is not confirmed until you receive an email confirmation. A request does not reserve the location or resource until Facilities has responded to your request.

College Facility Use & Rental

Before considering requesting approval to co-sponsor an event, please read the Administrative Regulation -
Use of College Facilities: https://district.maricopa.edu/regulations/admin-regs/section-1/1-5

As a community institution, MCC enjoys the opportunity to host local organizations on campus. The primary limitation in facility rental decisions is that the use can not conflict with any other planned MCC use.
When interested organizations reach out to us, we build an agreement for the spaces and services that the event requires, with rental fees calculated based on a standard MCCCD rate schedule. Exceptions to the pricing structure are allowed for certain scenarios:
  • If the organization is a registered not-for-profit, we reduce the rental charges by 50%;
  • If the organization is an Arizona government agency, we can waive fees;
  • If the organization is aligned with our educational mission, we can waive fees;
  • If an MCCCD employee is hosting a job-related professional organization on campus, we can waive fees;
  • If the organization is a co-sponsor of an MCC (or MCCCD) event on campus, we will waive fees.
In all of these circumstances, the college will enter into a Facility Use Agreement (FUA) with the organization that establishes the terms for on-campus activity, but the final fee structure will take any discounts or waivers into consideration. The details of all of these outside facility uses are reported to the Governing Board, including the reasons for the event and any fee waivers, in order to ensure that we are using public assets responsibly and consistently.
In order to provide more clarity to how we apply regulations related to facility use the Waiver of Rent Requirements guidelines are effective immediately. This form includes options and guidance for each type of rental waiver that might apply to a facility use scenario.
Since there are a variety of options for organizations to engage with us to host their activities, "co-sponsorships" will only be approved in the future for events that are truly MCC events that others are being invited to participate in, not events that we are asked to host. All inquiries for outside space use should be forwarded to Janet Felton (Performing Arts spaces) or Angela Cissell (all other spaces) for coordination.

If your department plans to co-sponsor an event with an external organization, please complete theWaiver of Rent Requirements (also available on the Forms page) and submit it to Facility & Vehicle Scheduling for approval.