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25Live Scheduling Quick Reference

Need to schedule an event? Follow this quick reference guide for detailed instructions on how to use 25Live and schedule an event.

25Live Quick Reference (PDF)

Remember your request is not confirmed until you receive an email confirmation. A request does not reserve the location or resource until Facilities has responded to your request.

Co-Sponsored Events:

Before considering requesting approval to co-sponsor an event, please read the Administrative Regulation -  
Use of College Facilities:   https://district.maricopa.edu/regulations/admin-regs/section-1/1-5

A. The activity for which the facility is to be used relates directly to MCCCD's mission of education and training, and MCCCD obtains a specific benefit from the activity;

B.  The activity is not political; and

C.  The value or benefit that MCCCD receives from the activity is substantially equivalent to the amount of rent that MCCCD is foregoing.

The proposed event MUST meet all three criteria in this section, as well as include significant involvement by both MCCCD employees and students, before a request to co-sponsor will be considered, which must be stated on the Waiver of Rent request form.

If your department plans to co-sponsor an event with an external organization, please complete the Waiver of Rent - Co-sponsored (available on the Forms page) and submit it to Facility & Vehicle Scheduling for approval.