Mesa Community College has a decentralized developmental education program that is coordinated by an interdisciplinary Developmental Education Committee.  Exemplary programs that are decentralized exhibit a high level of integration and communication with all entities of the college.  In order to establish and maintain a high level of coordination and support best practices, the Mesa Community College’s Developmental Education Committee commits to do the following:

Coordinate the assessment of developmental education programs using data from the Office of Research and Planning

  • Analyze student success, retention rates, persistence rates, student attitudes
  • Utilize a variety of assessment measures
  • Monitor the impact of prerequisites

Support proper placement of students into the developmental course sequences in English, math, and reading

  • Promote mandatory placement
  • Coordinate cut scores and recommended course placement with Instructional Councils
  • Collaborate with Testing Services to promote knowledge of the placement process
  • Support orientation and advisement for developmental students before initial registration
  • Promote consistency in advisement documents

Support professional development opportunities

  • Encourage faculty to teach at multiple levels (sequential courses)
  • Encourage faculty to collaborate across disciplines (learning communities and professional learning communities)
  • Encourage faculty to incorporate a wide variety of instructional methods
  • Encourage participation in conferences and workshops
  • Communicate a clear understanding of the challenges that students who are enrolled in Developmental Education courses experience
  • Create awareness of best practices and direct people to available resources
  • Educate the campus community about the impact of affective barriers on academic achievement
  • Support institution-wide professional development in developmental education.
  • Communicate clear expectations for faculty who teach developmental education students

Map out common goals [for all developmental courses] with the assistance of representatives from academic disciplines that teach developmental courses

  • Articulate common goals
  • Encourage data driven decisions
  • Collaborate with departments as they create new programs and alternative course offerings

Educate and inform local and external communities on emerging trends in developmental education

  • Promote collaboration between academic departments and student services
  • Articulate clear expectations
  • Collaborate with K-12 partners with emphasis on Common Core Standards and college readiness
  • Arrange Developmental Education Committee Meetings
  • Arrange meetings and dialogue days
  • Encourage dissemination of information about changes related to developmental education