Department Chair Association

Manuals and Handbooks

The following links are the full resources and manuals that can be used to retrieve information about questions related to faculty, staff, and student policies and procedures.

Processes and Procedures
The following links provide information on various processes and step-by-step information.
  • Process for Selecting Department Chairs (old link, find new one)
  • Petty Cash Policies and Procedures
  • College Financial Systems (CFS)
  • Borrowing or Checking Out MCCD Property (old link)
  • Academic Calendars
  • Fiscal Year Calendar
  • Time and Labor Calendar
  • Fiscal Deadlines Calendar
  • Enrollment Cancellation Table (old link)
Academic Scheduling & Curriculum
Faculty Development

These are faculty development opportunities and related processes for residential faculty members.

  • Professional Growth Program
  • Travel (old)
Student Services Departmental Information and Processes
Human Resources Information

This is overall information on potential HR questions, contact information, and processes.

Technology Access and Online Systems
  • Virtual Private Networking (VPN) process (old link)
  • Employee Access