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For Supplies:
For Paper:
P. 480-461-7776 Alt. 480-461-17688
Helpcenter Contact

Now that Pacific Office Automation is in place, we wanted to make sure that the process for requesting supplies and service for our fleet of printers and copiers is clear.

To Request Supplies

All requests for Toner and Staples can be emailed to the copycenter at

Please provide the following information...

  • POA Machine ID
    Found on a sticker on each printer/copier - see image on the right  Machine Number highlighted in redClick the image to enlarge

  • Customer name and contact information

    • Please include a phone number

  • Campus Location

  • Building Name / Number

  • Floor / Room number

Please note that POA does not provide general office supplies, only supplies directly related to printer & copiers. All toner and staples will be installed in printers & copiers by POA Staff.  Customers are not expected to install toner cartridges or staples in POA maintained machines. If you have a spare toner cartridge in your department that needs to be installed, you can call or email the copy center and they will dispatch a POA representative to do so.

To Request Paper

To request paper, please contact the copy center by calling x17776 or x17688.  You may also email with your request for paper.

To Request Service for Your Printer 

Please contact the HelpCenter via any of the methods listed HERE.  Please be sure to include the POA ID number from the sticker on the printer along with a description of the problem you are experiencing.  A ticket will be created and a POA representative will be dispatched to address the issue.


If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please contact the HelpCenter at or 480-461-7217.