Assessment Care Team

Assessment Care Team (ACT)

The Mesa Community College Assessment Care Team is an academic and behavioral support for faculty, staff and students. It combines student intervention strategies and a crisis management network with the outcome of managing at-risk student behaviors.

The Assessment Care Team consists of representatives from the following departments:

MCC College Police MCC College Police
Early Alert Referral Services Dean of Students
Counseling Services Counseling Services
Faculty Representative Faculty Representative
Compliance Services Compliance Services
Dean of Students Disability Resources & Services
ACT TEAM (in addition to BIT members)
Early Alert Referral Services Dean of Instruction
Institutional Advancement

Vice President Student Affairs

Veteran's Services Human Resources
Adjunct Faculty Athletics

Behavior that poses an imminent risk of danger to anyone must be reported immediately to Public Safety.

If you would like an ACT Awareness session presented to your department, please contact the Dean of Students office, 480-461-7932.

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NaBITA Behavioral Assessment Tool

Adopted by the National Behavioral Intervention Team Association, this assessment tool will assist you in 1) evaluating student behaviors, 2) determining the generalized risk to the campus and 3) deciding who would be best to intervene based on the level of aggression.

Threat Assessment in the Campus Setting

This is a “White Paper” written to examine in detail the NaBITA Behavioral Assessment Tool. It is important to read this paper in order to gain a full understanding of NaBITA

Faculty Training Opportunities