Access MCC - School Dude

Access MCC  is used to report accessibility concerns on campus

The three areas of accessibility include

1) Physical Elements (e.g. construction barriers, ramp access, door buttons)

2) Electronic and Information Technology (e.g. barriers to student portal, enrollment process, financial aid information)

3) Classrooms (e.g. seating needs, maneuverability in the classroom, course materials, doors)

As of fall 2017, Access MCC will reside within the  'School Dude' environment hosted by Maintenance & Operations.  See below for instructions on submitting requests.

“MCCCD shall  provide a process for faculty to follow if he/she encounters an Electronic and Information Technology Service that he/she believes poses an accessibility barrier for blind or visually impaired students”

    How To Submit Your Request

    1. Click here to go to SchoolDude
    2. Enter your email address.
      Click submit.
    3. Enter your first name, last name, and phone number.
      Click submit.
      (This step will register you as a user. Subsequent log-ins will skip this step.)
    4. Complete the required fields in each step on the Work Request tab.
      Account number  is 806334976​
      Submittal password is MCC.
    5. Click Submit.