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Kris Bliss

Shannon Ridgeway-Monaco

Donna Candreva

The Classified Staff Council (CSC) is a group of individuals who pledge to begin fulfilling the purpose of the CSC, which is to provide a unified voice to represent and advocate for classified employee interests throughout the District.

Historically at Maricopa representation was divided by five employee groups that represented various types of classified employees (Crafts, MAT, M&O, PSA, and Public Safety).

  The newly elected CSC replaces the existing five employee groups. Collectively, CSC will function as one to amplify the employee voice.   

We strive to:

  • To encourage an open, positive, and fear-free work environment.
  • To improve the process of Collaborative Deliberations for CSC policies, salaries, and benefits.
  • To ensure due process is followed regarding CSC policies.