Graduation FAQs

March 2, 2020 Graduation FAQs from Director of Enrollment Services & Registrar

  1. Contact list for departments to reference regarding graduation, course substitutions, and transcripts.
    1. Below is a list of Admissions & Records team members the group requested.
  2. Communicating with department when a student is denied graduation.
    1. This is not manageable due to the high volume of applications the Graduation Techs award each semester (over 2K degrees/certificates in Spring). The team is unable to pull individual denied applications for programs and still meet the 45 day deadline to complete all applications).
    2. A&R currently emails and sends letters to all denied applications. The email explains why the student was denied, while providing contact information of the department/program the student applied for).
    3. I may be able to run a report at the end of the semester showing all denied students and their programs of study. I would need to research further to see if a report exists by program.
  3. Why are the program check sheets web-based documents and why does A&R refer to these as official forms?
    1. The Center for Curriculum & Transfer Articulation (CCTA) are referred to as official forms because this website is the only official approved documentation for individual programs. We use the term official because this is how the check sheets are referred across the district. MCC does not have any control over the tools we are requested to use (i.e. CCTA web pages for graduation check sheets).
    2. There is no official form or check sheet besides the CCTA website. It is my understanding with the implementation of Guided Pathways, advisors are going to be directed to use SIS to run grad checks. CCTA may be going away with the Pathway Planner taking its place but I do not have any concrete update about this from the district office.
    3. It is my understanding the district will be moving away from check sheets altogether, using the new software, Pathway Planner. I have not been in these conversations and do not have a concrete answer or timeline.
  4. What is A&R’s practice when a department/program has created their own check sheets for graduation review?
    1. I spoke to our graduation team who mentioned they do not turn away individual departmental check sheets. Although, the team still must go to the CCTA website and manually cross reference with the department check sheets.
    2. Although it is not the most functional, please continue to use the CCTA website and I would prefer if we did not use department check sheets. I am sure the majority are correct but some past hurdles with department check sheets is they are not always updated with the current catalog year and/or there have been errors when the graduation team checks against the CCTA. I expect this to change with Guided Pathways but do not have additional information to share at this time.
    3. It is my understanding Financial Aid will not accept any department check sheets and will only use the CCTA. Meanwhile, although the CCTA is preferred, it is my understanding the A&R graduation does not turn departmental check sheets away.
    4. I am not sure where the disconnect is but either way the process will be changing with GPS.
  5. What about a digital process to track a student through the graduation application pipeline?
    1. This would be a district decision and significant investment in new software. I am completely in favor of updating our current process and technology but I do not have control of any of it.
    2. There have been discussions regarding digitizing the graduation process but it has not gained much traction from the district office.
  6. Maximum Time Frame (MTF) concerns.
    1. A&R does not deal with MTFs so I am unable to comment on the process. Please let me know if I can connect you with Financial Aid or Academic Advising.
    2. It is my understanding Financial Aid will not accept any department check sheets in the MTF process, only the CCTA web pages.
Please do not hesitate to reach out to Jeff Rhoads or Limse Thor for anything related to Admissions & Records.