Mesa Community College’s Assessment Care Team (ACT) is committed to promoting a safe educational environment and workplace through proactive and coordinated procedures.  MCC employees play a critical role in this process by providing early detection of behaviors not imminently dangerous that are observed in or outside the classroom.  A campus that is aware and appropriately engaged helps to diffuse behaviors that may escalate to high risk situations.  The ACT will help to lead campus efforts to:

  • Prevent disruptive events through campus education sessions, appropriate intervention, and early alert
  • Detect potential risk behaviors through early alert and reporting
  • Identify problem areas and develop intervention strategies to deal with violence, threats, and disruptive behaviors
  • Serve as a review and support team for the campus community
  • Manage situations that pose, or may pose, a threat to the safety and well-being of our campus community (i.e. students, faculty, staff, and visitors). 
  • Prepare a crisis management plan which works best during emergency situations

The ACT team provides procedures for referral, evaluation and appropriate response to individuals who present possible or actual safety risk to themselves or the campus.  The ACT will coordinate with faculty, staff and ACT core team to anticipate vulnerabilities to the campus and intervene through education or appropriate disposition when disruptive behaviors are displayed.  MCC employees may consult the ACT or utilize Early Alert Referral System (EARS) to refer students displaying disruptive behavior(s) that is not imminently dangerous (see behavioral assessment tool for general information and strategies) MCC Behavioral Assessment Tool and MCC ACT RISK CHART. Behavior that poses an imminent risk of danger to anyone must be reported immediately to the Department of Public Safety for review, appropriate referral, and/or disposition. 

ACT includes

Core team

Role is to respond to immediate “orange and red zone” situations (see behavioral assessment tool)

Sonya Pearson, Vice President Student Affairs – Lead
Meredith Warner, Dean of Students
Steve Corich, Director Public Safety
Patrick Burkhart, Provost Red Mountain and Downtown Center

Extended team

Role is to provide support during “orange and/or red zone” situations as needed and directed by core team lead or designee

Carolyn St Peters-Residential Faculty
Sonia Filan, Institutional Advancement and Public Relations
Jeff Darbut, Vice President Administrative Services
Sasan Poureetezadi, Vice President Information Technology
Risk Management

Team Roles

Core Team

The ACT protects the campus against the adverse effects of disruptive behaviors and events.  It is essential for ACT to sense the early signs of disruptive behaviors and coordinate with and/or warn the employees against the same. Once an imminently dangerous event is being detected or has occurred, ACT must quickly jump into action and make quick decisions in coordination with the MCC Crisis Management Team.  The Crisis Management Team is formed to immediately respond to warning signals of crisis and execute relevant plans to overcome emergency situations. 

Extended Team

The Extended Team will provide information to the Core ACT on known employee or student work history; including; any disciplinary actions; current or past information gathered by the supervisor and/or student services or management; compliance with relative student issues; employment related issues; ACT will ensure that recommended actions are handled in accordance with district, and state, and federal laws and regulations.