Adjuncts are transforming the World

60% of MCCCD Faculty are Adjuncts!

The Adjunct Faculty Association (AFA) of the Maricopa County Community College District (MCCCD) is an employee group organization that provides Adjunct Faculty a framework for:

  • Educating the public and MCCCD institutions about Adjunct Faculty talents and abilities
  • Supporting the advancement of Adjunct Faculty knowledge and skills
  • Providing a network for sharing common interests, education, and assistance
  • Encouraging effective practices and resource utilization to improve education within the MCCCD
  • Advocating for Adjunct Faculty within the structure of the MCCCD policies and guidelines

Our Philosophy

The AFA embraces and supports the vision and mission of the Maricopa Community Colleges.
Adjunct Faculty are critical partners with the Residential Faculty, the Professional Staff, the Administration, the Maintenance and Operational Staff, and the Governing Board, in making this vision a reality.

Our Vision

  • The Adjunct Faculty Association is a professional organization of and for the part-time temporary instructional staff of Maricopa Community Colleges
  • We use integrative, innovative decision-making processes that support growth in quality education

Our Mission

The AFA mirrors the diversity of our students. Because of this diversity, the mission of our organization must include several facets:

  • As an advocate for all Adjunct Faculty, the AFA recommends and supports ideas and concepts directly related to their role in improving the MCCCD educational offerings
  • The AFA serves as a vital link between the college, the community, and industry in involving the wealth of Adjunct Faculty resources in serving the MCCCD mission
  • The AFA facilitates effective communication between Adjunct Faculty, Residential Faculty, the Administration, the Governing Board and the students they serve
  • The AFA utilizes our diversity to seek innovative solutions to problems created by our evolving social, cultural, and economic environment