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Caring Connections Spring 2021: Stop Before You Drop -- Week 6

Wednesday, February 17, 2021 | Dawn Zimmer

Around this time students may start to feel overwhelmed with their classes and life in general. Encourage students to talk to an advisor, faculty, or counselor rather than just dropping a class. Remind students is available to connect them with academic and basic needs resources and that you are available to assist them! Suggest they take advantage of the free tutoring provided by the college -- Saturday hours are now also available. We need to continually encourage students to seek the help they need to succeed, to let them know we care and have resources to help.

Here’s the link to the Resource Referral Guide for employees. caring connectionStop Before you Drop

Suggested Messaging:

Choose from the bullets listed or add your own!

Don’t drop a class without speaking to an advisor, faculty, or counselor -- withdrawing now may impact your future financial aid.

Optional Lessons -- A very clever video from ASU, about the importance of conferencing with faculty, is linked in the class activities for this week.

FYI @mesacc tweet: Student success tip – STOP before you drop! Are you in need of support to stick with your classes? Make an appointment to visit with your instructor(s) and visit to connect with academic and basic needs resources.

This event is organized by the Adjunct Faculty Association (AFA) and Maricopa Center for Learning and Innovation (MCLI). LEAD is a professional development event specifically designed for adjunct faculty in the Maricopa Community College District.