MCC eLearning provides courses that use internet technology to enable innovation and quality educational experiences. MCC eLearning represents the college's dedication to enriching and expanding access to higher education.

Our Vision

MCC eLearning will excel in providing flexible, accessible, learner-centered eLearning education that is innovative, adaptive and comprehensive.

Our Mission

To meet the changing and diverse learning needs of our students by providing flexible access to quality education.

Through the use of innovative learning technologies, MCC eLearning is a resource for providing transfer education, career preparation, and continuous learning.

Our ultimate purpose is to expand access to quality higher education opportunities within the community we serve.

Why eLearning?

  • eLearning is a convenient and flexible way to advance your education.
  • Students can choose the elearning modality that works for them; hybrid or internet.
  • Internet classes are online, so it is ideal for students who can’t or do not want to travel to an on-campus location.
  • Courses cover the same learning objectives and have the same transfer values as those offered on campus.
  • While eLearning courses can involve more work and require a student to be self-motivated, they do provide the student another valuable option for learning.