Early College Academy Red Mountain

Red Mountain Campus

Early College Academy Application

Priorty DEADLINE to submit application
March 10, 2023

Each applicant must request a recommendation for the ECA program from one of their current teachers.

Students will be informed of their status following the application deadline. There will be additional documents collected from students following their acceptance into the program.

The Early College Academy started in 2019 at the MCC Red Mountain Campus. This comprehensive campus offers an intimate college environment with advanced classrooms, wireless technology, and outdoor teaching spaces. Course offerings at Red Mountain focus on university transfer programs. Students in the program will be invited to explore a variety of careers especially in the high-demand, allied health field.

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The Early College Academy is a unique opportunity for high school students to begin their college experience as early as the start of their Sophomore year of high school. Eligible students include those with a minimum 2.0 GPA that are currently attending Mountain View, Red Mountain, and Skyline High Schools within the Mesa Public School District.

College Classes and High School Credit

Student's year in high school when they start the program and individual student credit needs may require course substitutions.

Grade 10 Sophomores
Semester College Course College Credits High School Class High School Credits
Fall FYE101: Introduction to College, Career, and Personal Success 1.0 - 0.0
Fall CIS105: Survey of Computer Information Systems 3.0 Elective or Fine Art 1.0
Spring SWU250: Mindfulness for Stress Management 3.0 Elective 0.5
Spring COM100: Introduction to Human Communication 3.0 Elective 0.5
Grade 11 Juniors
Semester College Course College Credits High School Class High School Credits
Fall ENG101/101LL: First-Year Composition and Lab 4.0 Junior English 1.0
Spring HIS103: U.S. History to 1865 3.0 American History 0.5
Spring HIS104: U.S. History 1865 to Present 3.0 American History 0.5
Grade 12 Seniors
Semester College Course College Credits High School Class High School Credits
Fall PHY101/101LL: Introduction to Physics (non-STEM majors) and Lab 4.0 Physics (Physical Lab Science) 1.0
Spring ENG102: First-Year Composition 3.0 Senior English 0.5
Spring ENH110: Introduction to Literature 3.0 Senior English 0.5

Orientation and Programming

  • Start of semester orientations
  • Personal growth, college success, career exploration, and financial literacy workshops
  • Math and English bootcamps
  • Internships for juniors and seniors
  • Student coach peer mentor
  • Dedicated early college advisor and counselor