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Southern & Dobson Campus

  • Dobson, Mesa, Westwood students
Southern & Dobson - ECA

Red Mountain Campus

  • Mountain View, Red Mountain, Skyline students
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Southern & Dobson

Office Location: GC 54B

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Frequently Asked Questions for Early College Academy

What is the MCC Early College Academy?

ECA is a unique opportunity for high school students to begin their college experience. Eligible students enroll into college classes that meet both high school graduation and college degree requirements.

What are the benefits?

Provides students an opportunity to experience college in a structured environment.
Opportunity to complete college courses that are typically taken during first year of college.
Gives you the flexibility and time to take courses in line with major, participate in college opportunities, and work part-time without slowing down progress after high school.
It is statistically shown that students enrolled in early college programs are more likely to attend college after high school and complete a degree.
Provides students with workshops that focus on personal growth, study skills, and career exploration.
Integrated reading, writing, and math bootcamps.

Do I qualify?

  • Must be a current freshman attending one of Mesa Public School District Schools
  • Must have a 2.0 or higher GPA

***Even if you think you might not fit all the requirements, we still encourage you to apply and let us decide.

Application Tools

  • When applying be sure to use your personal email address
  • Be sure to have the information for the individual that will provide a recommendation for you (Recommenders should be individuals outside of your family such as a teacher, counselor, church leader, coach, employer, etc.)
  • Have an unofficial copy of your most recent high school transcript ready

Application Timeline


Early College Academy:
Southern & Dobson Campus

This program serves Mesa Public School students from Dobson, Mesa, and Westwood High Schools. Early College Academy courses at this campus are mostly taught by bilingual, Spanish-English speaking faculty. The classroom is a space for making connections across languages and deepening student understanding of content.

More details

  • Spanish language proficiency is not required
  • Course apply broadly to MCC and transfer degrees
  • Reduced tuition

Early College Academy:
Red Mountain Campus

This program serves Mesa Public School students from Mountain View, Red Mountain, and Skyline High Schools. The program is open to all students, however, students interested to explore or pursue a career in allied health fields are strongly encouraged to participate.

More details

  • Course apply broadly to MCC and transfer degrees
  • Reduced tuition