The DRS office is providing assistance virtually and in person. We have returned to our office, building 37N, for business. Please contact the office by email at or phone at 480-461-7447 to schedule an appointment. DRS is also offering real-time assistance via Cranium Cafe.

Accommodation Process

Student Responsibility

You are responsible for registering with Disability Resources and Services by scheduling an intake appointment and providing the required documentation.  For details on eligibility for accommodations and required disability documentation please refer to the following link:  Eligibility for Accommodations & Required Disability Documentation

Additional student responsibilities include:                            

  • Requesting individual accommodations from DRSC each semester for each class you are enrolled in.
  • Staying in contact with your DRS Program Advisor regarding the effectiveness of your accommodations and status of academic success.

Testing Accommodations

It is your responsibility as the student to make arrangements for testing accommodations by completing an Alternative Testing Request in DRS Connect.  This form must be submitted at least two (2) business days prior to the test date.  Authorized test accommodations may include extended testing time, reduced distraction environment, assistive technology, or alternative format.  Testing accommodations must be authorized by a DRS Program Advisor.

In-Class Notetaking

It is your responsibility as the student to request an in-class notetaker as needed per class and to work with the DRS office and instructor to find a notetaker. The DRS Program Advisors can help with this process. Attendance is required in order to receive notes for that class session. Notetaking assistance is not a substitute for attendance.

Alternative Format

It is your responsibility as the student to provide Disability Resources & Services your class schedule and, if possible, a course syllabus from the instructor.  You must provide proof of ownership for each of your textbook(s) and provide a copy of the "paid" receipt to DRS.  Alternative format may include Braille, large print, PDF's, and other forms of electronic text or paper-based formats.  Requests for Braille must be made at least 3 months in advance of the first day of class.  Large print, PDF's, and other forms of electronic text or paper-based formats require at least 1 month in advance of the first day of class.

Interpreting/CART Services

It is your responsibility to request interpreting/CART services through the Supervisor of Interpreting Services in order to facilitate the coordination of available interpreters.  You are required to fill out an Interpreter/Cart Request Form for each class. In order to provide appropriate services for the first day of class, interpreting/CART requests require at least two (2) weeks' notice in advance of the first day of class.  Requests for individual events require at least one (1) week advance notice.  Last-minute requests, one (1) week, may not be guaranteed services.  The Supervisor of Interpreting Services will send an email to your Maricopa email, to notify them that their request has been received, and then will assign an interpreter for the request.

Upon receiving a request for CART service, the Supervisor of Interpreting Services and the Adaptive Coordinator will coordinate to provide you with the necessary CART equipment.  You will be notified by email when the equipment is ready and you are responsible for contacting the DRS office to schedule an appointment.  Demonstration/training is provided on all equipment at the time of checkout. 

Reduced Course Load

A college Disability Resource Services (DRS) professional may certify that a student who is afforded a reduced academic load as an accommodation for a disability shall nevertheless be deemed a full-time student. Such certification shall be solely to enable the student to seek eligibility for health insurance benefits and to seek eligibility to comply with mandates of the National Junior College Athletic Association. The DRS Advisor will certify that a student may be deemed a full-time student as provided under this regulation only on a semester-by-semester basis.

Requests for a reduced course load accommodation must be submitted to the DRS Advisor with supporting documentation.  Requests must be made prior to the beginning of each semester.  Supporting documentation must include a diagnostic evaluation from an appropriate professional.  The documentation must meet the guidelines set forth by the Maricopa Community College District’s Documentation Policy in order to evaluate the current impact of the disability in regards to the request.  Students are required to request this accommodation every semester, but do not need to re-submit their documentation.  Continuation of this status is not automatic. 

Students who are approved for a reduced course load will be required to sign the Reduced Course Load Approval Form which includes a statement acknowledging that he or she has reviewed the consequences that go with reduced load status and accepts them.