Google Information for Students

To: MCC Students who use keyboard navigation
From: Disability Resources and Services
RE: Google Calendar, Google Docs and Google Mail
Date: December 9, 2016
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If you are a student who uses the keyboard as a primary means of navigation on the computer, i.e.: visual or physical impairments, there are some accessibility issues with Google Calendar, Google Docs, and Google Mail. The following workarounds have been found to improve your access and ease of navigation. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Disability Resources & Services Adaptive Lab Staff. They are available for demonstrations and trainings.

Google Calendar

The first time you open Google Calendar an initial tutorial window pops up and JAWS does not recognize it. This is a onetime event and you can ignore it. JAWS does not read all of the options or popups in Calendar and some of the keyboard commands do not respond.

There is an option in settings to change to basic HTML and this makes it easier to navigate; this can be set as your default. If you set to Agenda view it will put your content in table form making it easier to navigate.

Google Docs

If you use the Google Docs link from it may ask for Google Docs to be downloaded even if it already is. Just ignore this. Use Canvas and Microsoft Office products as your tools for sharing documents instead of Google Docs; the navigation is easier and there are significantly fewer steps involved.

Google Mail

Google Mail navigates best in Internet Explorer. There is an option in settings to change to basic HTML. This makes it easier to navigate and can be set as default in settings.

Simply Accessible has a series of Podcasts on using JAWS with Google products. Click here.