The following academic tips should assist you in working with students who have Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) in post-secondary education.

Academic Tips...

  • Provide copies of instructor notes or PowerPoint presentations  
  • Make your expectations clear. Say, "I expect you to..."
  • Preferential seating can make these students more comfortable
  • Provide structure and routine
  • Give advance warning for any schedule changes
  • Suggest homework and notebook organizers
  • Give verbal reminders of assignments and test dates
  • Recommend a calendaring system for homework and study
  • Break down multistep assignments into small parts
  • Accurately define any problems
  • Design workable solutions together
  • Evaluate the results and make modifications
  • Record meetings outside of class to improve memory retention
  • Be tolerant of frequent visits, questions, and concerns