Getting Started

New Student Process

1 Submit an Application
Student completes an application on DRS Connect, including any/all available documentation. This brief online questionnaire is for students to describe the impacts and history of a disability and/or health condition, and request accommodations.
2 Upload Documentation
Students must provide the DRS office with current documentation of a qualifying disability prior to receiving any accommodation or academic adjustment. Documentation should include: A diagnosis of the disability/health condition (including the date of the diagnosis) dated within 5-7 years using adult norms; the current severity/impact of the disability (mild/moderate/severe); an assessment of major life activities that are impacted by the disability (e.g., learning, concentration, class attendance, reading, walking, etc.) and specific recommendations for accommodations. The DRS office alone is responsible for determining reasonable academic adjustments/accommodations. Learn more about MCCCD policy regarding disability documentation.
3 Schedule an Intake

The purpose of an intake meeting is to engage in an interactive process with a DRS Access Specialist. The specialist will review the submitted documentation and conduct a conversation about the student’s experience living with a disability. The goal will be to identify appropriate accommodations and/or auxiliary aids that can be implemented to create equal access in the areas where there are barriers caused by a disability. When accommodations are established, the DRS Coordinator will share how each accommodation is requested and facilitated on a quarterly basis. Academic accommodations will be approved on a case-by-case basis and are individually designed to create equal access for a student. They can be approved on a provisional and/or permanent basis by DRS and additional accommodations can be requested/reviewed at any point in the semester or whenever a barrier arises.

4 Request Accommodations Each Semester
Student logs in to DRS Connect each semester and requests their course accommodations each semester. Instructors are notified via the DRS Connect system of approved accommodations for their course.

Each semester, students are responsible for making accommodations requests through DRS Connect in a timely manner as outlined in the Services Request Timeline. Here is a link to the myDRS Student Guide for complete steps and information.

5 Instructor Receives FNL
Faculty notification letters are released during the week of faculty accountability each semester. Some accommodations require faculty and/or departmental consultation before they can be fully implemented. Your Access Specialist will work with you and the instructor on these specific accommodations. If a student experiences any difficulties in obtaining or receiving accommodations, or if any additional accommodations are needed, the student should follow up with their Access Specialist right away for assistance.