Notetaker Request


  1. Identify the classes where note taking assistance will be needed.
  2. You may either find a note taker yourself or ask the instructor to assist you.
    If you require assistance, approach the instructor before class starts on the first day to request that the instructor reads the following announcement at beginning of class:

    Instructor's Announcement

    A student in this class is in need of a note taker.

    If you feel that you take clear, concise notes and are willing to copy your notes for this student, please see me after class.

    Copies can be made with the department copy machine immediately after class.

    A letter of recommendation suitable for your resume and/or a stipend of $25.00 per credit hour is offered to the note taker at the end of the semester.

  3. Meet the volunteer(s) after class and send him or her to DISABILITY RESOURCES & SERVICES, Building 37, SS3W, which is located east of the Kirk Student Center.
  4. If no one volunteers, ask someone next to you to share their notes for the day.
  5. Then come to the DRS office to request assistance with finding a note taker.

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