Video Conference Tools

To participate in Virtual Model UN, you will need to be proficient in the conference platforms being used. See the information below for tips on how to use them and reminders of conference ettiquete.

Using Webex to join your committee

To join the opening plenary or committee on Webex, go to the URL provided by your chair. When entering, enter your country name as your displayed name.

Instructional Videos:

Joining a Webex meeting

Joining a Webex meeting from an Android Device

Joining a Webex meeting an IOS device

Once in the conference room, change your name to your country name if you did not do that when first entering. This video shows how to do that:

Joining Wonder for Caucus sessions

First, download your flag icon from the shared folder:

The flag icons are made by from and used with permission.

Go to the URL provided by your chair (Note, you cannot use Safari as your browser, Chrome works best with this tool).

Enter your country name

Use whatever picture it suggests, as you will be changing it.

Once in the room, click the gear box icon to open settings

Click “Change your name/picture”

Change your name to your country if you did not earlier

Change your picture by uploading avatar, select the country flag file you downloaded earlier.

For more information on using Wonder, see their FAQ page at: