Training Materials

These resources may be helpful in training delegates.

Using the UN Portal (courtesy of ASU)


Passcode: yfy?6gMq

Effective Public Speaking and Listening


Password: Vpy5Ggta

Videos from Humbolt University. The videos below were produced by Dr. Noah Zerbe and are intended to train collegiate delegates who are attending the Model UN Far West Conference. The MCC conference uses a simplified version of the MUNFW rules, so these instructions are applicable to your preparation for the MCC conference.

Introduction to Rules of Procedure

Speeches, Comments, and Questions


Moving Between Topics at Conference

Controlling the Flow of Debate

Precedence of Motions

World Press Instructions

World Press Delegates should read the essay explaining how the world press works at conference, which is located on the "Student Resources" page.

Below are two articles on the same subject written from two different sources, along with commentary explaining how to write from a regional perspective.

Sample Article (AP).pdf

Sample Article (Alja).pdf