MUNITAC Conference

Mesa Community College Model United Nations

Model United Nations International, Training, and Alumni Conference (MUNITAC)


Due to a lack of interest in the training conference this fall, we have decided to cancel it to focus on our Spring high school conference preparations. We will return in Fall 2023 with a more focused international recruiting effort, and an October date.

The MUNITAC Conference is a collegiate level conference that will deliver experiential teaching and learning about current global issues. It is an ideal conference for new delegates, for schools who find it difficult to travel to distant conferences, and for those seeking to improve their Model UN skills. The conference is a virtual experience, dramatically reducing cost and enabling interaction with other delegates from around the world. The language of debate will be English, and preparatory materials will be submitted in English, though we invite bilingual interaction in caucus.

The delegate fee of $5 will be due when you submit your country packet. The fee is waived for International schools and schools contributing to the adviser consortium's 2022 fall training calendar.

Fill out the Conference Registration Form to attend. You should request a country for every 5 delegates (6 for the country team with an SC seat). Schools will be limited to one SC seat per school. You will receive an invoice for delegate fees once you register.

The country packet is due Monday November 7. Fill out the Submission Form to submit the country packet file.

Contact Dr. Brian Dille for more information,