English as a Second Language (ESL/Reading)

ESL studentsOur program offers Reading English as a Second Language courses, including the following courses: RDG 016, RDG 026, RDG 036, and RDG 046.

Both, the Reading Department and the English Department offer English as a Second Language courses, which include the following: ESL 010, ESL 011, ESL 012, RDG 016, ESL 020, ESL 021, ESL 022, RDG 026, ESL 030, ESL 031, ESL 032, RDG 036, ESL 040, ESL 041, ESL 042, and RDG 046.

These courses are specially designed to teach the non-native English speaker to develop reading, vocabulary, and writing competencies necessary for success in a college-level environment.

*Intensive RDG 036-8 weeks /RDG 046-8 week classes: finish both of these in one semester.

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MCC Class Schedule

After taking the CELSA language placement test, students are advised about appropriate classes and program options. MCC's regular ESL program offers a variety of semester-long (16-week), ESL classes, for beginning, intermediate and advanced students as well as an Intensive Reading Program (8-week sessions) which meets five days a week.

Be well prepared before you take the CELSA Placement Test.

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New to ESL?

Please visit ESL Support Services in Building 37 or call them at 480-461-7288 for more information.

CELSA Testing

This test is used for course placement into the ESL program for both Reading and English. The test takes 45 minutes to complete and consists of 75 multiple-choice questions. The test does not include a listening or speaking portion. The scores and recommended course placement are given to the student immediately upon test completion.

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