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Informed Improvement: Pathway To Student Success

Diagram of Psych Department's Informed Improvement InitiativeII Poster From 2014 Expo at MCC In Spring 2012, our department formed a faculty group to explore student needs related to success and persistence. We concluded that self-efficacy/regulatory behaviors contribute significantly to student success and persistence. The focus, thus far, has been on PSY 101 students.

Our goal is to: 1) develop an unobtrusive, yet valid and reliable method, of identifying students who are challenged in the areas of self-regulation and self-efficacy, and 2) provide meaningful support for these students.

Select the image to expand and learn more about this initiative and how it will benefit students, across all of their college courses and beyond.

Administering The Survey

Central to this initiative--a survey that can be used to identify and open dialogue with PSY 101 students whose survey responses suggest a lack of self-efficacy and self-regulation. Instructors who will be administering the survey to their PSY 101 classes will need the Survey Administration Guide and the Self-Efficacy/Regulation Survey.