Course Descriptions


Introduction to Geology I - Physical Lecture

Introduction to Earth`s materials, surface and internal geologic processes, plate tectonics and geologic time. Includes practical experience in rock and mineral identification, topographic maps, and applied problems in geology.

Prerequisites: None.


Introduction to Geology II - Historical Lecture

Outlines the origin and history of the earth with emphasis on North America--its dynamic, geographic, and climatic changes; animals and plants of the past; the evolution of life.

Prerequisites: None.


Introduction to Planetary Science

A survey of solar system objects and their geologic evolution, surfaces, interiors, and atmospheres, and the methods used to study them; weekly laboratory for data analysis and experiments; possible weekend field trip.

Prerequisites: None.


Life in the Universe

Introduction to the search for life in the universe for the non-science major. Earth`s location in space and time, nature of life, light and the spectrum, origin and history of the universe, origin of life on Earth and the possibility of life on other planets.

Prerequisites: None.


Geological Disasters and the Environment

Acquaints students with the use and importance of geological studies as they apply to the interactions between people and the Earth. Includes geological processes and hazards such as earthquakes, volcanoes, floods and landslides. Examines environmental impact and use of mineral and energy resources.


Geology of the Grand Canyon

Introductory-level physiography and geology of the Grand Canyon. Includes a field trip to the Canyon.

Prerequisites: None. GLG 101IN suggested but not required.


Field Studies for Educators

Field trips to selected geological areas in Arizona in order to collect and/or observe geological phenomena. Designed for pre-college teachers.

Prerequisites: None.


Field Geology of the Southwest

Field trips to selected areas in the Southwest (such as Arizona, Utah, California, and Sonora) to observe and interpret various geological features and phenomena.

Prerequisites: None. GLG101IN suggested but not required.


Special Topics in Geology

Exploration of important topics in geology. Specific topic varies.

Prerequisites: None.


Grand Canyon Field Geology

A geology field trip by raft through the Grand Canyon from Lees Ferry to Lake Mead. Special fees required to cover trip expenses.

Prerequisites: None.


Geology of Arizona Lecture

Acquaints students with the physical and historical geology of Arizona, including the origin of present-day land forms and outstanding modern geologic features and processes now in operation.

Prerequisites: None.

GLG282AA Volunteerism for Geology: A Service Learning Experience