Simulation Labs

Welcome to MCC’s Simulation Labs

The Nursing Department at Mesa CC has a variety of learning areas.  The practice lab is open for students to review their skills, soft spaces to discuss lecture ideas over a meal and even a closed study room to reserve when it is time to get serious for the final. 

Simulation is an exciting way to learn.  Yes, the activity can make students nervous, but it is designed to incorporate realistic clinical situations in a safe environment.  This method of learning allows student nurses to develop their critical thinking skills and practice problem solving.   Each scenario is chosen or developed by the faculty to enhance the learning in the classroom. 

The nursing department attempts to  replicate  the clinical setting for student learning with a simulated hospital room and a mannequin as the ‘‘patient’’.  The mannequins are able to demonstrate physiological responses to programmed illness and nursing interventions.  Some advanced models can, among many things, speak, breathe and bleed.   Other mannequins have limited abilities.  The abilities for each type will be explained specifically in each room description. 

Despite the mannequin’s limitations, during simulation, the faculty and nursing staff expect all students to treat them with the respect any patient deserves.  This expectation increases therapeutic communication skills, compassion and empathy.