Anti-infective Therapy

Antibiotic Susceptibility
This site explains medication susceptibility and resistance.

Study Stack: Antibacterial Therapy

Blood and Blood Products

study stack: IV and blood administration

Blood Compatibilities Game

drug calculations

Drug calculation quiz page
This site has a lot of practice and review for drug calculations.

Drug Calculation Practice Page

Pharmacology Math

study stack: dosage conversions

study stack: dosage problems

study stack: drug dosage conversions

Study stack: IV calculations


Internet drug index
You'll find information about any medication on this site.

choosing immunizations
This object will allow you to better understand all immunizations.

What response will certain solutions have on the heart? Play with cyberheart, and you'll find out.

Study Stack: Cardioactive, Vasoactive, Sympathomimetics, Sympatholytics

study stack: insulin actions

Study Stack: Pharmacology

Quia: nursing process and pharmacology

Quia: Drug Actions across the lifespan

Pharmacology Abbreviations

Study stack: pharmacology abbreviations I