Acid Base Imbalance

ABG practice quiz
Take this 18 question, multiple choice ABG quiz to sharpen your knowledge.

ABG Analysis
Go to this ABG analysis lesson with practice exercises.

Arterial Blood Gas Learning object
This short tutorial will give you the basics of understanding ABG's.

Differentiating Acid Base Disturbances
This interactive presentation will help you to identify some common causes of acid base disturbances.

Acid base imbalances and their etiologies
This module will help you associate imbalances with the cause.

acid base balance
A basic tool to improve your understanding of acid base balance.

acid base imbalance
This tutorial allows for examples of acid base imbalance

ABG Tutorial
This tutorial will give you practice with case studies.

Study Stack: Arterial Blood Gas

Diagnostic Tests

Interpreting Hematology lab results
This object allows you to review the CBC, the cell's functions and determine causes for abnormalities.

Diagnostic tests related to gastrointestinal health alterations
The object allows you to match the names of tests to nursing actions.

LearnWell EKG Review
This site has EKG review with sample strips and tests you can take.

Quia: Basic Arrhythmia

Breeze: Cardiac Dysrhythmias

Fluid and Electrolytes

Osmotic Pressure
A learning object demonstrating osmotic or pulling pressure.

alterations in fluid balance
This object allows you to determine the signs and symptoms of fluid imbalance.

electrolyte panel information review game
This tic-tac-toe game will help you to learn more about electrolytes

fluid and electrolytes
This object allows you to view the structure and function of fluid and electrolytes.

hydration, dehydration and elderly clients
This tool demonstrates the differences in fluid status with the elderly.

Blood Osmolality and blood volume
This tutorial discusses the regulators of blood osmolality and blood volume

Study Stack: Fluid Imbalances

Quia: burns and trauma

quia: electrolyte imbalance interventions
This jeopardy type game will be a big hit.

Hemodynamic Monitoring

Intravenous Therapy

Breeze Presentation: Pediatric Maintenance fluids

study stack: IV and blood administration

Study Stack: IV indications and complications

Study stack: IV calculations