Anatomy and Physiology

Gastrointestinal System Anatomy
A learning activity that teaches the parts of the GI track then tests your knowledge.

University of Minnesota Web Anatomy
University site allowing a study tool for learning anatomy


University of Virginia: Abdomen Exam
This video clip shows a comprehensive physical assessment

Quia: Abdominal and MS Assessment

Abdomen Assessment
This slide show reviews all aspects of an abdominal assessment.

Case Studies

Diagnostic Tests

Diagnostic tests related to gastrointestinal health alterations
The object allows you to match the names of tests to nursing actions.

Quia: Gastro the intestinal tract

Disease Process

GERD Video by AstraZeneca

Acid Reflux video by Nexium

digestive disorders
This crossword will teach you about digestive disorders

Study Stack: Digestive Conditions

Study Stack: Gastro Esophageal Reflux

Study stack: GI disorders

study stack: hirschsprungs

study stack: GI tubes

Patient Teaching


Gastrointestinal Tic-tac-toe
This tic-tac-toe game reviews GI medications

The Gastrointestinal system drug treatment review