Anatomy and Physiology

Cardiac Checkup Puzzle
By the time you complete this crossword puzzle, you'll know all about the heart.

The human heart and the cardiovascular system
A tutorial of anatomy review and interactive learning.

Heart anatomy review
A program with fill in the blank exercises

Quia: anatomy and physiology, arteries and veins

Quia: Systemic/Pulmonary circulation

Quia: Anatomy and physiology: arteries and veins

Quia: Cardiac Circulation


University of Virginia: Chest Exam
This video clip shows a comprehensive physical assessment

University of Virginia: cardiac exam
This video clip shows a comprehensive physical assessment

Cardiac Risk Factors
This tutorial allows you to categorize cardiac risk factors.

Auscultation assistant
This site offers audio clips for listening to heart and breath sounds.

Study Stack: cardio physical assessment

Quia: Heart and peripheral vascular review

Case Studies

A wake up call
Read this case study and discuss the questions at the end of each section.

A Wake Up Call: teaching notes
Once you've reviewed the case study, you can view the teacher comments.

Diagnostic Tests

Cardiac Dysrhythmias
A Breeze presentation with Basic EKG interpretation

EKG Quizzer
These sites offers games for naming the parts of the EKG rhythm and identifying dysrhythmias

Cardiac markers
This learning tool explains the significance of cardiac markers

Cardiac marker case studies
This site offers case studies in the diagnosis of heart disease

Quia: Basic Arrhythmia

Disease Process

Pathology of cardiac disease
This object will allow you to identify the symptoms of cardiac conditions.

Cardiovascular diseases
This crossword will teach you about cardiovascular disorders

Study Stack: Coronary Heart Disease

Study Stack: cardiac events

Quia: Cardiac and Shock

Quia: cardiology

Quia: Cardiac Review: Pediatrics and Adults

Patient Teaching


Antihypertensive drugs
This object will allow you to classify antihypertensive drugs

What response will certain solutions have on the heart? Play with cyberheart, and you'll find out.