The Basics

This site offers a wide variety of self tests and games you can take in the area of communication, decision making and more.

Quia: communication and the nurse patient relationship

Mental Health in kids and teens: therapeutic communication strategies and techniques.
This object offers case studies and lets you decide how to communicate.

Death & Dying

On our own terms with Bill Moyer
This site offers an intensive look at the PBS televised series "On our own Terms" with Bill Moyer. Many video clips are offered from the series.


Documenting the nutritional care process
This site offers a review of the SOAP format for documentation.

Study Stack: acronyms and abbreviations for RN program

Quia: documentation of nursing care

Infection Control

Quia: hang those germs!
This 'hangman' game plays with words related to hand washing.

Blood Born Pathogens
Ths site offers an application exercise for blood born pathogens.

Medical Asepsis

Nursing Process

Correcting common problems with parenteral nutrition.
This object allows you to find solutions of common problems.

Food guide pyramid: a guide for daily food choices
A good review of the pyramid.

USDA My Pyramid
This site will allow you to evaluate your patient's dietary intake

Quia: Nutrition and diets: Purpose, foods included and excluded

Patient Education

Levels of prevention
This short learning object looks at the three levels of illness prevention.

Patient Safety

Resident safety: preventing falls in lTC
This site offers tools of fall prevention.

Professional Standards

Nursing Shortage
This video is part one of a two-part ABC News series on the nursing shortage.

Nursing Faculty Shortage
This video was produced by ABC News and offers an interview with the President of the NLN addressing the faculty shortage.

Ethical Decision Making
This object reviews factors of ethical standards

Self Care

Power position for a healthy back
This object reviews necessary positioning for a healthy back.


Study Stack: injections

Study Stack: GI tubes

Downloadable files of a ton of skills