Focused Assessment

A focused assessment is performed when more information is needed for a specific issue. A focused assessment may include interviewing and/or a detailed physical assessment of a specific system or systems.

Fall Assessment

Nutritional Assessment


The nursing health assessment interview is a purposeful, verbal interaction between the patient and the nurse. It is used to gather information that may be helpful regarding the health status of patients.


Quia: health history and VS

Basic Sexual Health Interview

Interview with Sexual Health Issues

Peds Assessment

A pediatric assessment will include interviewing the patient and family as well as a physical assessment of the child. A peds assessment will often include a focused assessment of the developmental level of the child.

Physical Development of children

Apgar Scoring Challenge

Apgar Scoring in the Newborn

Quia: Newborn Battleship

Quia: High risk newborn

Quia: Newborn characteristics

Quia: Pediatric Respiratory 

Physical Assessment

Physical Assessment may be comprehensive or focused. A complete physical assessment will include all body systems. Four areas of physical assessment are utilized; inspection, palpation, percussion, and auscultation.

Quia: Assessment pop ups

Quia: Abdominal and MS Assessment

Quia: Thorax and lung assessment review

Abdominal Assessment

Physical Exam Positions

University of Virginia: Upper extremity exam:

University of Virginia: Shoulder exam

University of Virginia: Chest Exam

University of Virginia: Abdomen Exam

University of Virginia: Head, Ears, Eyes, Nose, Throat exam

University of Virginia: Lower Extremity exam

University of Virginia: cardiac exam

University of Virginia: neurological Exam

University of Virginia: vital signs

Auscultation assistant

R.A.L.E. repository