The Bridge to Practice Program at Mesa Community College was designed to meet the ongoing educational needs of the new grad RN. The curriculum was developed in partnership with community partners and national initiatives of new graduate competencies.

The student is encouraged to complete the core general studies and whichever specialty track that best meets his/her needs.

The general studies core consists of:

  • NCE105 | Resume writing and job skills for the health professional | 0.5 CR
  • NCE165 | Legal Aspects of Nursing | 1.0 CR
  • NCE200 | Contemporary Leadership Concepts for Health Care | 1.0 CR
  • NCE212 | Patient Education| 0.5 CR
  • NCE291 | Nursing Skills and Patient Care Simulation | 1.0 CR LAB

  • Total Credits: 4.0 CR

Download the complete listing of coursework here.