Immunization & Other Requirements

All immunization records must meet the following requirements (this is INFORMATIONAL ONLY, we will give you further instructions on obtaining these items when you are placed):

  • Must include your name.
  • Must include the name and signature of the healthcare provider giving the immunization.
  • Must include the date that immunization or lab tests were given.
  • Keeping a current record of health related materials is the students' responsibility.
  • All health and safety requirements must be current and not expire during your enrollment. 

Required Immunizations

MMR (measles/rubeola, mumps, rubella) 

Options to meet this requirement:

  • Attach a copy of proof of positive IgG antibody titer for Measles/Rubeola, Mumps and Rubella or completion of one series of MMR immunizations. One “series” of immunizations includes immunization for each disease on separate dates at least 28 days apart


  • If you had all three illnesses OR you have received the vaccinations but have no documented proof, you can have an IgG MMR titer drawn.
  1. If the titer results are POSITIVE, attach a copy of the lab results to the health declaration form.
  2. If any of the titer results are NEGATIVE or EQUIVOCAL, you must get your first MMR vaccination and attach documentation to this health and safety documentation checklist. The second MMR must be completed after 28 days and proof submitted to the nursing department

Varicella (chickenpox) 

Options to meet this requirement:

  • Attach a copy of proof of a positive IgG titer for varicella.


  • If the titer is NEGATIVE or EQUIVOCAL, attach a copy of proof to this health and safety documentation checklist that you received the first vaccination. Complete the second vaccination 30 days later and submit proof to the nursing department.

 Tetanus / Diphtheria / Pertussis =  (Tdap)

Options to meet this requirement:

  • You must provide proof of a one-time dose of Tdap, followed by a Td booster every 10 years. Attach proof of a Tdap vaccination and Td if indicated.


To meet this requirement:

  • Proof of a negative 2-step TBST completed within the previous 6 months, including date given, date read, result, and name and signature of the healthcare provider. A 2-step TBST consists of an initial TBST and a boosted TBST 1-3 weeks apart.


  • Submit documentation of a negative blood test (QuantiFERON or T-Spot) performed within the last six months.


  • Submit documentation of a negative chest X-ray  POSITIVE RESULTS: If you have a positive TBST, provide documentation of negative chest X-ray or negative blood test and a completed MaricopaNursing Tuberculosis Screening Questionnaire. The questionnaire can be found in the CastleBranch Medical Document Tracker. This questionnaire must be completed annually.

Hepatitis B 

Options to meet this requirement:

  • Submit a copy of proof of a positive HbsAb titer.


  • Attach a copy of your immunization record, showing completion of the three Hepatitis B injections.
  • If the series is in progress, attach a copy of the immunizations received to date. You must remain on schedule for the remaining immunizations and provide the additional documentation. One to two months after your last immunization, you may have an HbsAg titer drawn.

Other Requirements:

CPR Card

  • You must have a BLS or Healthcare Provider Level CPR card.
  • CPR certification must include infant, child, and adult, 1 and 2-man rescuer, and evidence of hands-on skills component.
  • Provide a copy of both sides of the CPR card.
  • CPR certification must remain current through the semester of enrollment.
  • A fully online CPR course or an internet or computerized certificate will not be accepted.

Fingerprint Clearance Card:

  • Must be Level 1 Fingerprint Clearance card issued by the Arizona Department of Public Safety.
  • Applications are available from MaricopaNursing advisors or email MaricopaNursing at to request a packet be mailed.
  • The original Fingerprint Clearance Card (FCC) will need to be presented and validated prior to course registration. The FCC must remain current throughout the semester of enrollment. If at any time the card becomes sanctioned or is revoked, the student must immediately notify the Director of the MaricopaNursing program he or she is attending.
  • Fingerprint Clearance Information.

Health Care Provider Signature Form

  • A health care provider’s signature on the Health Declaration form, without proof of immunization status, is NOT acceptable.

  • Reviewed and signed by a licensed physician (M.D., D.O.), a nurse practitioner, or physician’s assistant within the past six (6) months.