Program Advising

Music Business & Disc Jockey Program Advising

Welcome to the Music Business Program at Mesa Community College!

Degree-seeking students are encouraged to meet with an advisor to help plan a program of study and to determine the correct courses needed for degree completion and/or transfer. The Music Business and Disc Jockey programs offers dedicated advising in the Enrollment Center. See contact information for our dedicated advisor below:

Music Business Program Advisement

Ms. Dzintra Malins, Academic Advisor
Enrollment Services
Phone: 480-461-7262

Set up an Advising Appointment

Ms. Malins is available for in-person and online advising appointments on Monday-Thursday afternoons and on Fridays from 10:30AM-4:30PM.

Please visit this link to set up an appointment:

Select the blue Calendar Icon marked, "Schedule An Appointment". You will need to log in with your MEID and password. If you are a new student, you may call Ms. Malins directly to request an appointment.

Chat with Your Advisor Online

Mesa Community College is offering a new way to speak with your advisor! With Cranium Cafe you can chat live and screen-share with an advisor instead of coming on campus.

Please visit this page and look for the box with Ms. Malin's name: When you see a green light next to the name, your advisor is available. Simply click on button and you will be prompted to log in to a chat session. You will log-in with your MEID and password and an advisor will invite you to chat.

If you see a red or yellow light, next to the name, you can email Ms. Malins for advising support at

FOR NEW STUDENTS-GETTING STARTED: If you are a new student at MCC, completing the steps below will help you get started on your path to success:

  1. New students are encouraged take a tour of the campus. You can schedule your tour one day in advance by calling 480-461-7285 or by sending an email at
  2. Review the MCC Enrollment Guide which provides detailed information to answer all of your enrollment questions.
  3. If you are a new college student, your first stop is to connect with the Enrollment Center in Building 39. The Enrollment Services staff will be happy walk you through all the steps for getting registered and enrolled. Here is more information:
  4. If you have attended another college before, but are new to MCC, you are encouraged, but not required to attend an advising session at the Enrollment Center. Please review the New Student Checklist online at:
  5. Your next step will be to obtain academic advising to build your program plan and register for classes.

Once you have completed all the steps in the New Student Checklist and are officially accepted as a student at MCC, or you are a returning MCC student, you are ready for academic advising to help you design your Academic Plan and to register for your courses.

You have several options for Academic Advising for the Music Business/Disc Jockey program:

1. ALL new students must start with the Academic Advising department in the Enrollment Center. Please work with Ms. Dzintra Malins, our dedicated advisor, to help you get oriented to how the college works. Advisors can give you information on financial aid, course registration, transfer credits, testing, graduation and more. Our dedicated advisor, Ms. Mandal, is available for online chats, phone appointments, email advising and in-person advising appointments.

2. Returning students may obtain program-specific information on a selected Area of Specialization/Emphasis for the degree or CCL from Ms. Dzintra Malins in Academic Advising, the Music Business Program manager, or Designee. Advisors can help you select appropriate courses for your restricted electives in the Area of Specialization/Emphasis. You can take any of the classes listed, in any order and you don't need formal approval for each course you want to take.

Be sure to review the detailed descriptions for the Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree:

And detailed descriptions for the Certificate of Completion (CCL):

Please note that walk-in, in-person advising for the Music Business/Disc Jockey programs is not available in the Music Department office. You may visit Ms. Dzintra Malins in the Academic Advising Department for in-person advising.