Course Descriptions

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MCC's accredited 2-year program features inexpensive tuition, Federal financial aid, top-tier professional faculty, Industry internships in L.A., New York and Nashville and transfer opportunities to 4-year colleges. We offer a range of online and in-person classes and degrees in Music Business and Disc Jockey Techniques. Learn more about Gainful Employment for this major here.

See a full course description for each course in the Maricopa Community Colleges Curriculum Course Bank, located here:


Merchandising and The Law

provides an overview of the professional structures and practices of the music entertainment industry including music publishing, artist management, promotion, and merchandising. Also includes an in-depth look at copyright, trademark, licensing and contracts. More information available here.


Recording Industry and Mass Media

focuses on the foundations of the recorded music business including market structure, business relationships, distribution, promotions, and marketing strategies at major and independent record labels. This course will also examine the business and marketing aspects of recorded music in broadcast/commercial media, such as Radio, Film and Television. More information available here.


Self-Promotion for the Music Industry

provides tools students will need to develop their own promotional materials. Students will develop personalized and targeted promotional plans for social networking, merchandising, printed and electronic press kits. Students can choose to develop materials for marketing their performing careers or for obtaining employment opportunities. The course will address basic business communication skills, interviewing skills, workplace performance evaluation, career-building strategies, and networking techniques. Learn more here.


Music Industry Entrepreneurship

addresses the creation, assessment, and operation of new and emerging ventures in the music industry. Students will learn about planning, starting, and running their own, profitable music-related business. They will also develop web marketing and promotional savvy as they navigate online research, marketing, e-commerce and messaging tools in service of their entrepreneurial vision. Find out more here.


Concert Promotion and Touring

is a hands-on course where students learn the advanced aspects of concert promotion, touring and festival production. Students will learn about marketing, planning, operations, talent buying, and budgeting for profitable and successful music-performance stage shows and tours. This course is designed for people seeking a career in concert promotion or artists and bands looking to learn inside tips for getting more gigs. Details here.


Artist Management and Talent Development

will teach students how to effectively promote, build a fan base, get radio airplay, plan tours, increase audience draw at shows, and land festival gigs for artists under management. Students will learn think strategically in developing creative talent and crafting long-term career plans for musicians, performing artists and bands. This course is designed for people seeking a career in artist management or artists and bands looking to learn inside tips for managing their careers. Learn more here.


Introduction to Disc Jockey Techniques

will teach students the basics of getting started as a professional Disc Jockey. Students will be introduced to the creative, business and legal aspects of being a DJ. Course consists of lectures and some hands-on practice with top of the line professional DJ equipment. This course is designed for people interested in learning more about what it takes to be a professional DJ. Learn more here.


Digital DJ Techniques

focuses on new digital technologies available to Disc Jockeys. Students will learn and use Serato, Ableton Live, Tracktor Scratch and other hardware/software to create professional quality digital mixes. This course is ideal for students who are interested in learning to master technology as part of their professional DJ practice. Learn more here.


DJ Lab

allows students extra time to work on solo projects and get more dedicated hands-on practice with all of the digital and analog DJ equipment used in the DJ classes. Get more information here.


Recording Studio Business Operations

takes students to the top recording studios in the Valley to gain first-hand insights, from experienced professionals in the recording industry. Students learn about the business aspects of owning and operating their own recording studios. This course is ideal for students who are interested in learning more about entrepreneurship in recording. Learn more here.


Cooperative Education

provides students the opportunity to develop critical career-related skills in consultation with an instructor.


Music Industry Internships

offer the opportunity to gain real-world experience via professional training in music venues, management agencies, record companies, disc jockey companies and other music industry-related firms. These career-oriented practicum courses put students at work with industry insiders and provides professional networking opportunities. 80 hours of work at an internship entity is required. Find out more.


Music Business Special Projects

invites students to work one-on-one with dedicated Music Industry professionals on projects of personal interest to the student. Subjects may include developing professional communications, business plans and portfolios. Find out more.


Lyric Writing

is hands-on Workshops with Grammy-Award winning producer and songwriter, Robb Vallier. More information is available for MTC111 here.


Songwriting Techniques

is a hands-on Songwriting Workshops with Grammy-Award winning producer and songwriter, Barry Goldstein. More information is available for MTC113 here.

Music Business

Additional Courses that may be offered, periodically, include:

  • MUC114 Song Publishing;
  • MUC115 Song Copyrighting;
  • MUC180 Computer Literacy for the Music Business;
  • MUC215 Music Technology Seminar;
  • MUC136 Turntablism;
  • MUC139 DJ Emcee-Rapping;
  • MUC237 Electronic Dance Music Production;
  • MUC240 Creative Music Production;
  • MUC241 Business Principles of Music Production;
  • MUC242 Music Genres and Styles;
  • MUC274 Music Industry Study Tour.

The Music Business Program at MCC regularly updates our course offerings on an on-going basis. Additional courses may be available for enrollment. Suggestions for new courses are always welcome. Please contact for new course requests. Enrollment for Music Business courses is available in Fall, Spring and Summer.

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