Cooperative Education or Internships

Cooperative Education or Internships are required for the A.A.S. and Certification of Completion in Music Business and Disc Jockey Techniques.

Students can choose between two courses: MUC296WA Cooperative Education or MUC290AA Music Business Internship to satisfy this requirement.

MUC296WA Cooperative Education information

The Cooperative course for Music Business students is designed to help students gain valuable career-related skills. In consultation with the instructor, students work on independent projects, volunteer projects on internships. There are no required internship hours with this course. Students can enroll in this course any semester.

Internship information

The Internship course for Music Business and Disc Jockey students is designed as a hands-on, capstone course and should be taken in the last semester of the AAS or CCL degree.

MUC290AA Music Business Internship is one credit and is required as part of the AAS/CCL in Music Business. 80 hours of work at a professional music business entity is required. This course requires permission to enroll.

MUC291AA Disc Jockey Internship is one credit and is required as part of the AAS/CCL in Live Performance Disc Jockey Techniques. 80 hours of work at a professional music business entity is required.

How to Enroll in an Internship or Cooperative Education Course

These courses require permission to enroll. Please contact the Music Business/DJ advisor listed below to request permission to enroll:

Music Business/DJ Program Advisement

Ms. Dzintra Malins, Academic Advisor
Enrollment Services
Phone: 480-461-7262

MCC students have interned at a diverse range of music-related companies, both locally and nationally in Phoenix, Nashville, Los Angeles and New York. Internships have been completed at companies such as Warner Brothers Records, Disney, Clear Channel Radio, BMG, Universal Music, and a variety of other music industry companies including:

  • Music Venues
  • Radio Stations
  • Disc Jockey Companies
  • Artist Management Companies
  • Public Relations and Music Marketing Companies
  • Recording Studios
  • Event Production Companies
  • Music Publishing Companies
  • Concert Promotion Companies
  • Instrument & Music Equipment Manufacturers
  • Non-profit Music Organizations
  • Churches
  • Music Retailers
  • Music Schools

Internship Details:

Students, are required to identify their own internship positions. Students pursuing an internship will find it helpful to prepare a current resume and cover letter. See MCC's Career Services Department for assistance with job search preparation:

Here is a helpful link to job resources and listings:

Detailed information on how to obtain an internship, lists of local music businesses and homework requirements will be available to students on the Canvas course homepage, after course enrollment is confirmed.

Students can complete their required Music Business or Disc Jockey internships at any Music-related business, as long as they are working in a music business capacity completing activities related disc jockey performance, marketing, promotions, sales, business planning and analysis, customer services, event or project management, etc. Activities associated with music engineering or recording do not qualify for Music Business internship hours. General business, marketing and PR activities in businesses that are not primarily focused on the music business do not qualify for Music Business internship hours.

MUC290AA Music Business Internship and MUC291AA Disc Jockey Internship classes are each 1 credit and require 80 hours of work time to be completed at an approved internship company. MUC297AB Music Internship counts for 2 credits and requires 160 hours of work time to be completed at an approved internship company. There is weekly homework associated with both internship courses. There are no regular class meetings. Students work at their own pace in accordance with the needs of the internship company they have selected.

After students are officially enrolled in their Internship Course at MCC, they will seek to obtain an internship. Internships must be pre-approved before work hours can begin.

Without confirmed course enrollment and prior approval for internships, students should not begin working and will not be guaranteed credit for hours worked or for the course.

Important Notes:

  • The Cooperative Education or Internship course cannot be substituted for another class. One of these courses is required for the degree.
  • Previous work experience, completed, outside of the semester enrolled, may not count towards the internship class
  • Work that is not related to the Music Business may not count towards the required hours for the internship class
  • Students in the Audio Production Program have a different audio internship course and should only enroll in MUC297AA Music Internship for their program.