Now! Take the Music Business Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree or the Certificate of Completion (CCL), 100% Online.

Students may choose to pursue the AAS or CCL in Music Business completely online.

The Associate in Applied Science (AAS) and the Certificate of Completion (CCL) in Music Business program offer an innovative curriculum designed to prepare students for today's music industry. These programs combines a flexible curriculum with an emphasis in business and marketing, along with music industry related courses and experiences.

The Music Business degree/certificate at MCC allows students to personalize their programs of study by choosing from several specializations that are 100% online, including: Marketing, Business, or CommunicationsStudents may also opt to pursue other specializations locally or in-person at MCC: Music Production, Disc Jockey Techniques, Songwriting, or Performance.

Learn more about Gainful Employment for the AAS/CCL in Music Business here.

100% Online Music Business AAS Degree Requirements
(Effective Spring 2014)

Major Foundations-Required Courses- (14 Credits)

Students must take each of the Required Courses listed below:

  • MUC109 Music Business: Merchandising and the Law 3
  • MUC110 Music Business: Recording & Mass Media 3
  • MUC293 Self Promotion for Music 1
  • MUC209 Music Industry Entrepreneurship+ OR MGT253 Owning and Operating a Small Business 3
  • MUC290AA Music Business Internship+1
  • Any MHL: Music, History and Literature Course 3

Major Electives-Free Electives (12 Credits)

Students must select 12 Free Elective credits from the courses list below:

  • TCM107 Career Pathways in the Media (HU and L)  3
  • MUC210 Advanced Industry Topics: Concert Promotion and Training+ 3
  • MUC211 Advanced Industry Topics: Artist Management and Talent Development+ 3
  • MUC180 Computer Literacy for the Music Business+ 3
  • MUC274AB Music Industry Study Tour 2
  • MUC295AB Portfolio for Music+ 1
  • MUC298 Special Projects (AA-AC)+ 1-3
  • MTC101 or Higher Level, Music Theory 3
  • MKT110 Marketing and Social Networking 3
  • MKT271 Principles of Marketing 3
  • GBS151 Introduction to Business 3
  • GBS233 Business Communication+ 3
  • ACC111 Accounting Principles I 3
  • BPC128 Introduction to Desktop Publishing 1
  • CIS131AA Doing Business on the Internet 1
  • SBS230 Financial and Tax Management for Small Business 2

Areas of Specialization-Restricted Electives (12 Credits)

For the 100% Online AAS degree, students must select 12 credits from the approved list of Restricted Elective courses  to specialize in one of the following: General Business, Marketing or Communications.

Students may opt to pursue the following specializations locally or in-person at MCC: Music Production, Disc Jockey Techniques, Songwriting, or Performance. Many of the courses in these specializations are not offered online at MCC, but can be taken locally and transferred or taken in-person at MCC . Please see the regular AAS in Music Business page for more information on these areas of emphasis:

Note: Students must consult with an Academic Advisor, the Music Business Program Director, the Music Department Chair or designee to select the Restricted Elective courses recommended for each specialization. 

General Business & Marketing

  • GBS131 Business Calculations (3)
  • GBS151 Introduction to Business (3)
  • GBS205 Legal, Ethical and Regulatory Issues in Business (3)
  • GBS221 Business Statistics (3)
  • IBS101 Introduction to International Business (3)
  • IBS109 Cultural Dimensions for International Trade (3)
  • HRM145 Events Management (3)
  • MKT101 Introduction to Public Relations (3)
  • MKT110 Marketing and Social Networking (3)
  • MKT210 Applied Marketing Strategies (3)
  • MKT271 Principles of Marketing (3)
  • MKT263 Advertising Principles (3)
  • MKT267 Principles of Salesmanship (3)
  • MKT268 Merchandising (3)
  • MKT273 Marketing Research (3)
  • MKT151 Display and Visual Merchandising (3)
  • MUC274AB Music Industry Study Tour (2)
  • MUC298AA, AB or AC Special Projects (1-3)
  • ACC111 Accounting Principles I (3)
  • ACC112 Accounting Principles II (3)
  • ACC115 Computerized Accounting (2)
  • ACC211 Financial Accounting (3)
  • ACC212 Managerial Accounting (3)
  • ACC230 Uses of Accounting Information I (3)
  • ACC240 Uses of Accounting Information II (3)
  • CIS105 Survey of Computer Information Systems (3)
  • BPC110 Computer Usage and Applications (3)
  • CIS114AE Excel Level I (1)
  • CIS118AB PowerPoint Level I (1)
  • CIS120AF Computer Graphics: Adobe Photoshop: Level I (1)
  • CIS120AK Introduction to Digital Video Editing (1)
  • CIS120DB Computer Graphics: Adobe Illustrator (3)
  • CIS133DA Internet/Web Development Level I (3)


  • MKT101 Introduction to Public Relations (3)
  • MKT110 Marketing and Social Networking (3)
  • COM150 Digital Storytelling (3)
  • COM251 Interviewing (3)
  • COM225 Public Speaking (3)
  • COM263 Elements of Intercultural Communication (3)
  • GBS233 Business Communication (3)
  • ENG111 Technical and Professional Writing (3)
  • ENG235 Magazine Article Writing (3)
  • JRN101 Professional Writing Fundamentals (3)
  • JRN133 Development of Small Publications (3)
  • JRN203 Writing for Online Media (3)
  • JRN205 Copy Editing (3)
  • JRN225 Photojournalism (3)
  • JRN234 Feature Writing (3)
  • JRN235 Practicum: Public Relations (3)
  • JRN290 Publications Portfolio (3)
  • MUC274AB Music Industry Study Tour (2)
  • MUC298AA, AB or AC Special Projects (1-3)

Note: Students must complete, at least, 12 credits in one area of specialization.

General Education Requirements (22-25 Credits)

Students must take each of the General Education courses listed below:
  • Eng 101/107 English Composition (3)                            
  • ENG102/108 English Composition+(3)                           
  • Critical Reading : CRE101 Critical Reading* (0-3)                  
  • Oral Communication: COM100/110/225+ or 230 (3)                         
  • Mathematics: MAT 102 or higher level (3)
  • Humanities and Fine Arts (3)                                      
    • Any approved general studies course from the MCCCD Humanities and Fine Arts Area                               
  • Social and Behavioral Science (3)                                
    • Any approved general studies course from MCCCD Social/Behavioral Science area                       
  • Natural Sciences (4)                                           
    • Any Approved General Studies course from the MCCCD Natural Science Area

+Course has pre-requisite or co-requisite
* Students may test out of the Critical Reading requirement at the MCC Testing Center