Tutored Math Class (Spring 2024)

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MAT108 is a tutoring/study hall class available for you to take with your math class this spring for extra help.

What is it?

  • Provides structured tutorial assistance from an instructor and 2-3 student tutors. Think of it like a math study hall.
  • You must also be enrolled in a regular math class (MAT 081 through MAT 156) to take this class.
  • Does not give you additional math homework.
  • Two credits and can be repeated up to 5 times.
  • Meets twice a week IN PERSON for 50 minutes each time.
  • This is a late start class and begins 2 weeks after your other classes start. Sign up for it now to hold your seat; you can always get your money back and drop it if you think you do not need it once classes start.
  • You earn a grade of P (2 Credits) if you attend and work on homework or study for your math test.
  • Register for it, using the section number below like you would your other classes or email your name, student ID number and class choice to michelle.fammartino@mesacc.edu to get added to the class.

When is it?

Section #: 27167 Monday & Wednesday 11 – 11:50AM

Section #: 28517 Tuesday & Thursday 11 – 11:50AM


Contact: Michelle Fammartino (Mazzucco)

Phone: 480-461-7448

Email: michelle.fammartino@mesacc.edu

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