Tutored Math Class (Spring 2022)

MAT108 Spring 2022

MAT108 is a tutoring/study hall class available for you to take with your math class this fall for extra help.

Why take it?

You get 2 credits for just working on your math homework. Most students take this class because they like knowing that twice a week for about an hour they are being accountable through this class to get homework done and there are the same tutors there to help as they are working on homework. Some students take this class to maintain a certain credit load for scholarship or financial aid.

Who can sign up for MAT 108?

Any student enrolled in: MAT 081, MAT 091, MAT 121, MAT 126, MAT 141, MAT 146, MAT 150, MAT 151, MAT 156

How many times can you take this class?

Up to 5 times

When does this class start?

This class is a late start class and does not start until 2 weeks after regular classes (week of Jan 31st ), so if you start your math class and then decide you do not need the help, you can drop it.

Who are the Tutors?

MCC Instructor and 3 MCC student tutors.

How do I sign up?

Email Allie Berkman with which section you want to be added to and include your full name and student ID number. OR you can sign up for it the same way you signed up for your other classes using the section number below.

Spring 2021 Sections

Section #: 28426 Monday & Wednesday 11 – 11:50AM

Section #: 30035 Tuesday & Thursday 11 – 11:50AM