How to Apply

Once you have decided to pursue entrance into FSC 102, you must ensure that all prerequisites listed below have been satisfied prior to the first day of the academy. Applications are accepted throughout the year. A minimum GPA of 2.5 on a 4 point system is required for all courses that apply to the Firefighter program.

Download and Complete Application

Download the application from the forms page. Print & sign the Release of Liability Form and include with packet. Submit packets to:

Deana Bright (480-461-6300)

MCC Fire Science

Down Town Center

145 N. Centennial Way, 4th Floor

Mesa, AZ 85201

Once your prerequisites and packet has been verified, you will be contacted via phone or email to schedule an informational meeting. The admission process will be explained at that time. Please make sure your current contact information is listed in the packet.

Candidates will be notified of their status by Deana Bright from the MCC Fire Science/EMT Office. At that time, the student will either be offered a position in the fire academy, or asked to resubmit their application for the following class. Upon acceptance by the MCC Fire Science/EMT Department, the student will be given permission to register for FSC102 and FSC 134.

FSC102 Fire Department Operations (11 credits)

FSC 102 covers fire fighting skills, equipment, administrative policies, fire department operations and personnel policies that meet the standard for NFPA 1001. Upon successful completion of course curriculum, exams, and practical skills assessments, the student may apply for a college Certificate of Completion in Fire Operations. The Certificate of Completion will remain in-line with any future state certification processes outlined by the new certifying organization, Arizona Center for Fire Service Excellence (AZCFSE) and will allow students to apply for a state certificate under the AZCFSEI when one becomes available. The Fire Academy is a 16 week, semester long course.

Prerequisites for FSC102

Successful completion of EMT 104 with a grade of "C" or better from an institution within the Maricopa Community College District OR current Arizona State EMT-basic or EMT-paramedic Certification Current CPR Certification (Cardiopulmonary/Resuscitation Basic Life Support issued through AHA, ASHI, ARC at the healthcare Provider Level) FSC 105 Hazardous Materials/First Responder with a grade of "C" or better from an institution within the Maricopa Community College District OR Hazardous Materials/First Responder Certification FSC 130 Fitness & Conditioning/CPAT with a passing grade within nine months prior to the first day of class OR current passed CPAT within nine months prior to the first day of class. The above courses may be transferred from another college or completed at any of the MCCCD colleges.

Co-requisite for FSC102

FSC 134 Fitness & Conditioning/Firefighters (3 credits) Students accepted into the Firefighter program will also be required to register for FSC 134 to fulfill the physical and educational fitness requirements of the Fire Academy.