1. How do I find information on degrees and certificates offered in Fire Science/EMT?
    Please visit the Degrees & Certificates  page.
  2. Where can I find more information about Fire Service, Emergency Medical Service, or Emergency Management programs and careers?
    Visit the Degrees & Certificates  page for a complete listing of our offered classes and programs.
  3. Who can I contact for academic advisement or graduation applications?
    Darlene Vasquez is the academic advisement liaison for the Fire Science/EMT department. Tiffany is also able to advise general education requirements. She is available to accept walk-ins or appointments at the Fire Science/EMT Down Town Center every Thursday from 10am-2pm during the Fall and Spring semesters. Summer hours vary. Darlene is available on the main campus Monday-Friday by appointment only.
    Contact information:
    480-461-6304 phone or darlene.vasquez@mesacc.edu
  4. Is there anything I can use to help stay on track with my degree or certificate path?
    If you would like to follow an unofficial check-sheet to help you stay on track, they are available on our Degrees & Certificates  page, at the Fire Science/EMT front desk, or with our department advisement liaison (Darlene Vasquez) at the Southern & Dobson advisement center.
  5. I am a professional firefighter or transfer student and need to have professional training or transfer credits evaluated. Where do I find more information?
    Information can be found on the Degrees & Certificates  page. To initiate a credit by evaluation, course substitution, or credit by examination, you will need to pick up forms from the Fire Science/EMT front desk located at the Down Town Center, 145 N. Centennial Way Mesa, AZ 85201.
  6. Does MCC offer an Paramedic training program?
    Yes. Please visit our EMT page for more information.
  7. How do I register for an EMT-basic class (EMT104)?
    Registration is restricted to students who have department permission. You may download an EMT application on the EMT page . You may also pick one up at the Fire Science/EMT front desk at the Down Town Center, or with Darlene Vasquez at the advisement center at Southern & Dobson. In order to qualify for registration, you must complete all required prerequisites, and bring copies of all required documentation along with your completed packet to the Fire Science/EMT front desk at the Down Town Center. Upon review of your application, you will be notified by email of your acceptance by the EMT-basic program coordinator. Further registration instructions will be included in the email notification.
  8. How do I register for Fire Science, EMT, CPR, and Emergency Management classes that are not restricted to department permission? How do I register for a restricted class once I have been given permission to register?
    Any MCC registration technician can help you register for classes that are not restricted to department permission. You can also register online at My.maricopa.edu or register via phone at 480-461-7400. If you are trying to register for a restricted class and you have a permission number assigned by the department or instructor, please register using your permission number at My.maricopa. If you have not been assigned a permission number, but you received a signed authorization letter or official add form from the appropriate department representative, you may take the authorization to any registration technician and register for the class in person. Registration technicians are located at the Southern & Dobson campus, Down Town Center, or Red Mountain campus.