Emergency Medical Technician

What is an EMT-Basic?

Arizona EMT EMT-Basic is the entry level of pre-hospital emergency medical care provider. EMT-Bs are not trained to provide definitive medical care but instead focus on rapid in-field treatment and transport to higher medical providers. The training is designed to provide the next sequence of skill required to progress upward in the emergency health care field and qualifies the student for state EMT-basic certification sanctioned by the Arizona Department of Health Services.

EMT Training Information

  • Application and Registration Period: October -January for Spring semester
  • Application and Registration Period: March-May for Summer semester
  • Application and Registration Period: March-August for Fall semester

*Students may not register after the first class meeting has concluded.

  • Spring EMT Program (16 weeks)  |   Start: January  |   End: May
  • Summer EMT Program (10 weeks)   |  Start: May  |  End: August
  • Fall EMT Program  (16 weeks)    |  Start: August  |  End: December