Fire Science/EMT


For the Spring 2021 semester, all Fire Science/EMT courses will be offered in the following formats:

-Live Online -Classes have sessions that meet online on specific days and times.
-On Your Time Online -Classes that do not meet at specific class times.
-Hybrid -Classes combine reduced, regularly scheduled classroom meetings with required learning activities conducted via the Internet.
-In Person -Attend class on campus during specific times and days

Please refer to the 'notes' section below each course listed in the class schedule for details.

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Office closed due to COVID-19. All services offered remotely. Please contact via email or phone.

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Department Calendar

Fire Science

The science of firefighting, fire prevention, safety, and hazards associated with fires. Our training involves the study of the behavior, compartmentalization, suppression, and investigation of fire and its related emergencies.
Visit our Fire Science webpage here.


Provides (Basic Life Support) BLS patient care in accordance with protocols and guidelines established by National and State regulatory agencies. This is for entry-level prehospital healthcare providers interested in entering the prehospital EMS professions.
Visit our EMT webpage here.


Provides (Advanced Life Support) ALS patient care in accordance with protocols and guidelines established by National and State regulatory agencies. A Paramedic delivers the highest level of medical care provided in the prehospital setting. Pre-Paramedicine coursework is available for students considering entry into the Paramedicine Education Program.
Visit our Paramedicine Program webpages here.

Needing a permission number/department consent for classes? Review how to register below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for classes?
Students can register for Fire Science classes without prerequisites through their Maricopa Student Center, and search for classes using MCC's Class Schedule tool. Students who are interested in or seeking department consent to enroll in EMT, Pre-Paramedic, or Fire Academy classes must meet prerequisites and are required to fill out department registration forms before enrollment. For steps to access the registration forms, please visit our program webpages.
What classes do I need to become a firefighter?
The minimum qualifications that you need in order to be considered for hire with a Fire Department are:

1. Be 18 years of age with a valid drivers license

2. A valid CPR card

3. A valid CPAT- FSC130, see our CPAT webpage.

4. Be a State Certified EMT- EMT104, see our EMT program webpage.

The desired qualifications are:

1. Fire I and II Certifications- FSC102, see our MCC Fire Academy webpage.

2. A Fire Science degree- see our Degrees and Certificates page.

What classes do I need to take for my Fire Science degree?
For new students, download our Unofficial AAS Degree checksheet here: UNOFFICIAL 20-21 Fire Science Advisement Sheet. For past or continuing students on the Emergency Response and Operations degree tracks, please visit our Degree and Certificates page.
What order should I take Fire Science classes?
There is not a specific order you are required to take Fire Science classes unless they have specified pre-requisites for enrollment. These prerequisites will be listed with the course and require special registration. We have a recommended semester plan for our Fire Science AAS degree that students can follow and download here: Fire Science AAS Course Sequence Recommendations
How can I register for the Paramedicine Program?
For more information on the application and selection process for the upcoming Paramedicine programs, please visit our Paramedicine Webpage.Our competitive selection process for students is conducted year-round in Summer (July) and Fall (November). Paramedicine Program Applications are accepted year-round.
I can't find a class I need for my degree. What do I do?
Fire Science electives are not held every semester. Some classes are held only in the Spring or Fall. Download our Course Schedule to plan your degree completion here: FSC Course Schedule.

Program Advising

For general registration questions and prerequisite information, please contact our Front Desk. For virtual advising, please schedule your video meeting here: Advising Appointment Calendar

Advising Hours: Tuesday & Thursday, 10 AM - 3:30 PM, 30-minute appointment slots.

Instant Chat Hours: Fridays, 8:30 AM - 11 AM

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