About the Program


The mission of the Sustainable Food Systems Program at Mesa Community College is to provide students a strong sustainable food systems foundation so that they become systems-oriented change agents. We have a vision of nourishing the local and global community by fostering the growth of real food and real jobs. 

Our goals:

We will contribute to the socially aware, skilled, entrepreneurial workforce in the emerging fields of organic agriculture and sustainable local food systems by educating students who will: 
· stimulate the creation of green jobs. 
· support the growth of community and school educational gardens. 
· raise the level of environmental, health, safety, and social awareness. 
· kindle the joy of growing, preparing, and eating real food with others. 
· reorient resources, programs and policies. 
· create opportunities for wholesome food to be available to all. 
· shift control of the food supply to people in the local community. 
· improve the freshness and nutritional quality of campus food. 
· model self-reliance.

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